You’re Mad At Yourself More Than You Are With The Narc

You’re Mad At Yourself More Than You Are With The Narc

You’re Mad At Yourself More Than You Are With The Narc

Okay! Okay! Before any of you, who are not familiar with my writing and blog, yell out “DUMB@SS,” please allow me to elucidate.

Give me the chance to voice my argument before shooting it down.

Thanks, if you are still reading.

So, what do I mean by this, you may be asking and wondering?

And the answer is simple.

The anger, resentment, frustration, depression, and massive HATRED you have for the narcissists that came in your life is more towards yourself and not them.

And yes, I know they may have done a lot of things to you, but what you feel is NOT mostly for them.

It is for yourself.

You’re Mad At Yourself More Than You Are With The Narc

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Now, I am NOT victim-blaming here and I will soon explain my position.

Think about this for a second; how you feel.

You feel stupid for staying so long. You feel weak for not fighting back.

And you feel worthless because they discarded you.

All of these feelings are internal.

And thus, all of these feelings are yours to control and manage; thus making your healing process that much easier.

You feel stupid because you didn’t see their attacks earlier.

But you shouldn’t feel stupid for not understanding IRRATIONAL MINDS.

You feel weak because you didn’t fight back.

But how are you supposed to defend yourself against attacks you don’t see coming?

And you feel worthless because they discarded you.

But you have to switch how you see this. They are trying to devalue you. And here’s the thing. YOU CAN ONLY DEVALUE what has VALUE’ and you are valuable.

You can’t devalue used toilet paper. But you can devalue a house, a car, a diamond.

And you are a diamond.

Stop Beating Yourself Up

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Stop beating yourself up because it only makes the narc happy. You do their job for them.

You may have been duped…but guess what?

Everyone gets duped in life.

Great people get duped, but they look at what happened and learn from it.

Narcs have been duped several times, and as a result, they behave in irrational ways.

They are just hurt people that cannot be helped.

They are like wild animals who get caught in traps, and when a person tries freeing them, they go batsh*t insane because they think you are out to hurt them. There is no reasoning with these people.

Focus on yourself and FORGIVE yourself.

Don’t be too hard on yourself for not understanding the irrational minds of narcissists.

If chaos could be understood, this would be a more orderly world.

It is okay to be duped. But it is not okay to keep duping yourself and being played by the narc by hating yourself.

Their final act is to make you hate yourself.

Don’t give them the satisfaction of doing that.

Love yourself and be as defiantly as happy as possible.

Need Support?

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