Your Self-Esteem Is What You Say It Is

Your Self-Esteem Is What You Say It Is

Your Self-Esteem Is What You Say It Is

“You can’t build joy on a feeling of self-loathing.”

I often shudder at the idea that this life we have…is a ONE SHOT CHANCE OPPORTUNITY.

There are no redos with this game called life. There are no heroes or white knights who will come into our lives and swoop us off our feet. And there are rarely people we can connect with on a more than physical connection.

Life is hard.

People, for the most part, are the reason that life is so hard. And this is especially true when you are dealing with a narcissist or flying monkeys.

These people make it their life’s purpose to cause as much misery to others as possible.

Nothing rocks their socks more than but to destroy someone they perceive as BETTER THAN THEM.

These people are losers of the highest caliber.

“I can’t be what you are…but I can sure as heck make you like me by DESTROYING YOU.”

This is the mindset of these people.

You may feel like you are nothing due to their gossiping, rumors, smear campaigns, and maybe even the discarding of you.

But know this…

What they think and say about you…does not define you.


People who feel like crap will treat people like crap. People who feel like they are the bomb will treat others like they are the bomb.

Your Self-Esteem Is What You Say It Is

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What keeps you from healing right now is this idea that your worth is somehow connected with the opinion of narcs and flying monkeys.
And this is a dangerous way to live out your life.

You have to understand that most people DO NOT THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

They believe whatever the masses believe. And the masses believe whatever they see on FICTIONAL TV.

People, for the most part, are brain-dead sheeple who all line up on one crowded track that leads to their own slaughter.

The old momma’s question of “If everyone was jumping off a cliff…would you as well,” is something I think we should all consider.

Narcissistic people and their legion of foolish flying monkeys are all hurt, broken, and weak people.

They are made of glass. And empaths are made of diamond.

To a narc, anything can shatter them, and at the same time, NOTHING can shatter them.

(Go No Contact if you are dealing with a narc…that will destroy their ego.)

The problem with many empaths is that they see the narc as a diamond and themselves as glass. And they feel like they are worth more when they are with the narc.

But the truth is that the narc becomes SO MUCH MORE when they are with you, and they know this.

But they also know that if you know this, you will potentially leave them, which is something they FEAR.

This is why they try and smudge you. They try and take away your shine because if you keep on shining bright someone who will actually VALUE you, will take you away from the narc.

And they are SCARED OF THIS.

Know Your Worth

Your Self-Esteem Is

I know it is NOT easy loving yourself after leaving a narc. They can do a WONDER on our mental and emotional well-being.

(Check out my 10 Mental illnesses That Narcs Cause.)

But you must learn how to start loving yourself. This is the ultimate smack in the face to the narc who worked so hard to make you feel like you are nothing.

Your self-worth and value are not determined by them or their legion of fools, but by yourself.

Once you realize this…your healing can finally begin.

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