5 Reasons Why You Must Be Strong

5 Reasons Why You Must Be Strong

5 Reasons Why You Must Be Strong

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”― Albert Camus

It is in the dark times, the lonely hours of our existence, the moments of getting knocked down that our strength is revealed to us. However, for many of us, who have just left a narcissistic relationship. We often feel weak, helpless, hopeless, foolish, and broken.

Many of us feel as if we will never be strong again. That the narcissist has destroyed so much of who we were that going back to our former self is just not a possibility.

In this article, I want to give you reasons as to why you should not give up and why you must remain strong.

I know you feel hopeless right now. That, you are looking for answers, looking for a means to move on, and looking for a solution to your problematic life right now.

And in this article, I will attempt to help alleviate that pain you may be feeling right now.

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5 Reasons Why You Must Be Strong

1 – Being An Empath Is A Step Up In Evolution/ Or To Be Closer To The Divine

Being empathic and empathetic to the feelings of others is what has helped our species to evolve and dominate much of the planet. Without empathy, we would all be against one another, and society as a whole could never have arisen.

Empathy is NOT a weakness. It is not a sign of foolishness to care for strangers.

The ability to look at another human being and place yourself in their shoes is a superpower.

To understand how someone else would feel is an exceptionally divine trait that is sadly waning across much of society.

The inability to be able to place yourself in the feet of others is INCREDIBLY disadvantageous to any creature and other people.

When you only focus on you and not understand how others think and feel, you are prone to get caught off guard in life.

Having a one-way tunnel, myopic vision leads you to live a life that is truly at the bottom of the barrel of possibility.

Being myopic blinds you too so much of life.

So timid and scared, due to your tunnel vision, that you only see everyone you come across in life as a threat.

And narcissists are like this.

They are one-track-minded thinkers.

They believe that everyone is out for themselves. And as a result of this, they lie, cheat, and steal others. This is why they devalue and denigrate others.

In their mind, if they make you feel weak and helpless and make you think they are strong, you will stay.

These gaslighting tactics are meant not only yo cripple you but to KEEP YOU in their clutches.

The power of empathy is that you know your own worth and strength, and as a result, you will attract people to your life.

Empathy gives you the strength to lead a group.

Power gives you the strength to control a group.

But power is finite, and when a group or a person realizes they are being controlled, they WILL REVOLT.

Strength inspires.

Power intimidates, but only for a small amount of time.

Embracing the power of empathy will only help you become a better person, a better leader, but it also transcends you to a higher level of consciousness. Thus placing you closer to our evolutionary best form or closer to the divine.

2 – Understand That Many People Are Not Mentally Sound (There Are Many Psychological Disorders)

If you can, think about your thinking, if you can question your questioning yourself, you have a superpower. And this superpower is called metacognition.

Don’t feel foolish because you doubted yourself.

The problem with the world, as the adage goes, is that “far too many stupid people are so confident with their thoughts and intelligent doubt themselves.

The ability to think, “Am I doing something wrong, places you at a level of awareness that most people never attain.”

Now, it is important also to question other people’s motives and question their real intent.

It is also important to understand that not everyone THINKS.

This is very important.

Mental illness is not as rare as we think.

And sadly, it is not talked about as much as it should be. Mental awareness has an awful stigma, which is unfair.

We often see depression as sadness; not knowing depression is a disease.

We often see people who are shy and socially awkward as weirdos, when, in fact, they may have a phobia or have severe panic attacks.

Many people view narcissists as people who are just “difficult” when, in reality, they are just kidult who do not know how to regulate their own emotions.

Narcissists are people who I call kidults. They look for people to “parentify” them.

This is why they throw temper tantrums. They need people to be their parents, and they can forever be the “spoiled child.”

How I see myself, or to an extent, is like Batman.

The many narcissists that I come across in my life, along with the many negative people I have the unfortunate experience of interacting with daily, are my Rogue gallery.

And like Batman, it is vital to keep our emotions and our focus on our goals and mission in life.

It is imperative to know that NOT everyone we come across in life is mentally sound.

Many people are broken by life.

Life hurts us all, but very few people pick themselves up and put themselves back together.

Learning to see yourself as a superhero will make all that the narcissist did to you, only stronger.

The harms they put you through are YOUR ORIGIN STORIES for how you became your most excellent version of yourself.

No great people have ever become great without some tragedy in their life.

The person who has a comfortable life lives a life that no one remembers or applaud.

I believe that when we die, our life should be celebrated and applauded for how we overcame the hard and challenging times.

3 – You Never Know Who You Are Secretly Inspiring: Reasons Why You Must Be Strong

“ Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? I ask who are you not to be? – Marianne Williamson

You may not know it, but you are special and unique. This is precisely why the narcissist who has invaded your life did so. They saw and SEE in you something amazing.

This is why they devalue you.

If you know your worth, you will leave them. And this scared them.

You probably do not see yourself as someone special, and this is especially true after being with a narcissist.

So many of us, rarely ever see our worth.

Very few of us see everyone else in a highlight.

We give everyone else the benefit of the doubt.

We hold everyone else to high standards.

And we place everyone else on a pedestal.

Rarely do any of us even dare to place ourselves up or acknowledge our achievements.

This way of thinking is NOT humble.

You do no one any good when you play small in life.

You have to know that you are special.

And this is evident in how much the narcissist and their flying monkeys talk about, gossiping and spread rumors and go on their smear campaigns. 

If you were NOT special, they wouldn’t talk about you.

YOU ARE SPECIAL, and you HAVE to know that you have people who secretly admire you.

Be the person that inspires them to become their best version by keep on doing you.

You are special, and you are a hero.

Especially if you have kids.

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4 – The World NEEDS Good People: Reasons Why You Must Be Strong

You may not like this, but the truth of the matter is that you have the gift of thinking for yourself, along with the gift of feeling empathy and you must see yourself as a superhero.

You may not like the power you have, but you were given it for a reason.

“With great power comes great responsibility, right?”

The world NEEDS good people.

And it is incumbent upon those of us who have empathy, metacognition, and the desire to change others for the better to keep on fighting the good battle.

Life is unfair to everyone.

But it is the people who have been hurt the most by life, and who have the ability to think and feel for others, who change the world for the better.

You have empathy, and you can think for yourself.

Use this power and keep fighting the good fight.

That is what heroes do.

5 – Being Strong Is What You Are: Even If You Have Not Yet Accepted It

You are strong.

No matter how you feel right now.

You are strong.

If you were not strong, you would not be looking for ways to heal.

If you were not strong, you would have sought revenge.

And if you were not strong, you wouldn’t still be a good person.

Weak people get knocked down in, and instead of getting up, they try and pull others down. That is just their nature.

The fact that you are reading on narcissism, how to heal, and to try to learn more about their thinking only shows that you have NOT GIVEN UP ON LIFE.

Anyone can give in to the pain and fall into the cold dark abyss of nihilism, losing hope, love, and respect for themselves.

But only the strong, brave, and courageous keep on keeping on in life when all hopes seem lost.

You are strong because you keep on keeping on despite al they have done and continue to do.

All you need to do now is accept this truth, and your life becomes so much better for accepting the reality that you are.

Stay Strong!

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