You Have To Fight For Your Sanity

You Have To Fight For Your Sanity

Do You Ask Yourself “Am I The Crazy One”?

It is not unreasonable for those of us who exit a bad relationship and end up back in a negative relationship to question, “Am I the insane one here”?

Having everyone around you trying to make you see like YOU are the bad guy can make any of us question our own mortality.

And this is not a bad thing.

I believe that if you NEVER question your sanity, then you are the insane one.


They just accept everything as it is.

This is why some people will honestly believe they are Jesus Christ or Elvis Presley.

Now, I can already hear you saying, “so don’t trust myself“?

Yes, trust yourself.

Question yourself.

But also question the world and the people around you as well.

When fighting for your sanity, I mean NOT only to fight your own doubts (because doubts can make us side with the insane) but also fight against anyone who tells you what type of person you are.

This is what narcissists and flying monkeys are trying to do when they gaslight you or blameshift.

They are trying to drive you mad.

Fighting for your sanity requires that you never waver to the masses.

The masses are sunken into the sea of irrationality.

And you are on a small boat above that irrationality.

Nothing gets these creatures off more than pulling you into the sea of irrationality and sinking into the insane world that is theirs.

And this is why you must fight.

Much like if you saw a small shark coming to your boat, you would fight to push and keep it away.

So too, must you fight these insane people that come lurking to bring us down?

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