You Have To Fight For Your Sanity

You Have To Fight For Your Sanity

Who Are The Insane Masses?

The insane are everywhere. But for this particular article, I want to confine the “insane” to two people. The first being the narcissist and the second being the flying monkeys.

The world is insane. And as a result, all the irrationality and insanity they do seems legit to them. But to a sane person, it is weird to us.

Their illogical and immature nature, to them, is a defense mechanism.

And when they lash out at those of us who have reasoning and logic they feel empowered knowing they can “drive some of us insane.”

Narcissist and Flying Monkeys: “We can make them like US or we can make them worse.”

These fools never understand that they only reveal their own insecurities.

To them, being able to BREAK SOMEONE is a great achievement.

They have no understanding of how to build themselves up.

They only know how to tear down everything and everyone around them.

Narcissists feed on irrationality. And because many narcissists are emotionally immature — destruction for them is pleasurable.

Like a kid who destroys a sandcastle, so too, is a narcissist who destroys a life.

They find it pleasurable.

Flying monkeys are vicarious livers. And as a result, the more chaotic and irrational a narcissist will act and behave the flying monkey, like the fools they are, will get a kick out of it.

To them, because they have no reasoning, no individual self, and no understanding outside their “fish in a well” mentality…they see everything that the narcissist does as the supreme.

“Master destroyed a life. They are so great.”

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      1. hahahhhahah it was good because he’s really a perverse narc and it everybody can see now!! Good choice

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