You Have To Fight For Your Sanity

You Have To Fight For Your Sanity

Being An Empath and Sane

You Have To Fight For Your Sanity

For those of us who are blessed enough to “think for ourselves” we oftentimes believe that others can also do the same thing. And this is especially true for empaths. As empaths, we think that because we care about others and want the best for them, that others think the same way.

To be an empath, I wholly believe, is a step up on the evolutionary hierarchy.

The ability to feel what others are feeling or what others MAY feel is a goddamn superpower.

But it is a superpower that many of us, who are sane and empaths, rarely ever learn how to master.

When we, unfortunately, end up with a narcisist we believe their harsh actions, later on in the relationship, to be them being:

  • insecure
  • scared
  • not good enough
  • harsh on themselves
  • not able to express their opinions easily

Us giving them the “benefit of the doubt” is what they look for and feed on. When we finally break free of the Narcissistic Matrix we blame ourselves for being SO STUPID.

We ask, “Were we the only ones who didn’t see it”?

And the answer is yes.

But that is not a bad thing.

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      1. hahahhhahah it was good because he’s really a perverse narc and it everybody can see now!! Good choice

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