You Can’t Change The Narcissist But You Can Change Yourself

You Can’t Change The Narcissist But You Can Change Yourself

In life, those who are happy and successful are those who focus on themselves and not others. As empaths, we try and change those around us for the better. But know this, you can’t change the narcissist but you can change yourself.

And in focusing on changing yourself over the narcissist you help out those around you in more ways than you will ever know.

Narcissistic people do not change because in their minds there is nothing to change for.

They are never the ones to blame for their wrong deeds. It is everyone else who is wrong.

So, for the love of your ONE life….stop focusing on trying to change a person who is hellbent on not being changed.

The more time you focus on trying to make these people better you take from your own time to change yourself.

And narcissists are NOT worth that amount of time (if any time at all).

Focus On You Not The Narcissist

“You can not ever live the life of your dreams by settling for someone else’s idea of what you should be doing with your life.”

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You Can't Change The Narcissist But You Can Change Yourself

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