Yes! You Are Dealing With A Narcissistic Male: 10 Signs To Watch Out For

Yes! You Are Dealing With A Narcissistic Male: 10 Signs To Watch Out For

Yes! You Are Dealing With A Narcissistic Male

Curious if you are dating a narcissistic man? Well, if so, in this article I outline 10 signs of a narcissistic man that you should be wary of. Narcissists (male or female) are incapable of love.

Why this bit of information is salient is because if you are hoping that you can change them and make them a better person…STOP.

Do not waste your time and energy on them. But most importantly do not waste your TIME. Far too many females — and I say females because women have enough respect to not love someone who doesn’t respect them — stay trying to change someone who doesn’t think they need changing.

Now, I do understand that as EMPATHS we want people to be the best that they can be. But we must also be mature and educated empaths as well.

Women are empaths but they are also mature and educated; something to which most females can transform into. And this is especially true when they leave their narcissistic male.

Read my previous article “9 Signs Of A Narcissism Relationships“, as this is the second part of a week-long lesson to help you, spot narcissist, in life.

10 Signs Of A Narcissistic Man

Here are 10 tell-tale signs of a narcissistic man (male).

1. Craves Admiration and Acknowledgment

Narcissistic Male

Narcissistic men are what I like to call Omega cucks. Despite their “I’m so tough and I’m so great” FACADE these lesser males are incredibly insecure.

Because of their insecurity, they need constant adoration and praise from people.

2. Needs Compliments To Feel Good About Himself

Narcissistic Male

Not too dissimilar to a child who wants his parent’s approval and compliments.

Narcissistic males NEED compliments all of the time. And these compliments don’t always need to be verbal.

Just catching someone’s eye is good enough for them. Hence the need to be loud in their car, wear flashy clothes and oh…have a nice side biscuit on their arm.

3. Is Always Trying To Make Himself Look Good In Front Of Others

Narcissistic Male

They HAVE to look good in front of others. This comic illustration best reveals the mind of these Omega Narc guys.

4. Has To Have Control

Narcissistic Male

They need to feel in control. And they need to have control over everything in their little world because if they don’t then people will leave.

This is why they need to control the finances (financial abuse is a thing that many females suffer under), relationships with other people, and the time you spend to yourself.

The moment people have a bit of independence is the moment when they will leave their narcissist. This is exactly why most lie, gaslight, project, blame shift and manipulate as much as they can.

Give them an inch and they will take a…LIGHTYEAR.

5. Is In Competition With Everyone

Narcissistic Male

“Everyone is against me.”

“Everyone is trying to outdo me.”

They believe that everyone that comes in their PERIPHERAL VISION is out to outshine them.

There really isn’t more to elaborate here.

6. Is Always The Victim

Narcissistic Male

They will do us wrong and the moment we ask why they are mad, NOT EVEN DEFENDING YOURSELF, just simply asking why they are mad…is an attack against them.

It is everyone else who is the bad guy when all clear evidence points to them.

These types of guys (and people in general) are cowardice at the highest level.

7. He Never Apologizes Even When He Is At Fault

Narcissistic Male

“You made me do this.”

They will attack verbally or physically and after the attack say, “you made me do that.”

Their lack of emotional regulation is easily one of the primary reasons as to why these people are so irrational.

They never make mistakes in their minds so there is never a need to apologize.

8. Shows No Empathy For Others

Narcissistic Male

“Empathy! What’s that?”

Narcissist (male and female) are devoid of empathy. This is not something I am throwing out there.

Narcissists lack empathy, hence is the reason that they can treat people the way that they do. To them we aren’t individuals, we are just an extension of them; here to make their lives better.

9. Pretends To Be Someone He’s Not

Narcissistic Male

“I’m a BIG boy.”

This is NOT a polemical childish attack on my end. Narcissistic guys PRETEND to be something they are not.

Hence the reason they wear masks.

They are kind, polite, and appear to be confident in the light. But in the dark, they are weak, sacred and cowardice people who berate their partners behind closed doors.

This is NOT how MEN behave.

10. Puts On A Great Emotional Show When Need Be

Narcissistic Male

Move over Oscar Winners. Because narcissists are the true actors of our generations.

They know how to play a scene and play on an audience. They feed on an audience. And the reason for this is because they are in every sense of the word, attention fiends.

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