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Hello to any potential advertisers!

I am open to advertising some space on my blog for those who may be in the Mental Health Niche, Life Coach Niche, Transformational Courses, etc.

Website Page Views (Daily)

At the moment my website gets over, on average, 3.5k+ views a day!

Aside from SEO TRAFFIC, I get a decent amount of traffic from Quora Space!

Quora Space

Right now I have over 102k+ followers ~ and it continues to grow every day!

Feel free to swing by my space to see the growing numbers!!

Link here to 👉 “Laughing At Narc Quora Space.”

I have an email list of over 1.6k+ subscribers to which I send out daily motivational articles, stories, and posts.

Lastly, I have a very active Pinterest account with over 21K followers, with over 2.3 million monthly views!!

(Pinterest is where I get most of my traffic!)

Feel free to give my Pinterest account a visit as well; the link is 👉 Laughing At Narcs.

Pinterest Collaboration Board Fees

  • Laughing At Narcs: Blogs ~ $20 A month to post 5 pins a day!!
  • Mental Well-Being With Therapy ~ $10 A month to post 5 pins a day!!
  • Blogs About Narcissistic People ~ $10 A month to post 5 pins a day!!
  • Blogs About Narcissism: Laughing At Narcs (MY MOST ACTIVE BOARD) ~ $50 A month to post 5 pins a day!!

Note, these payments are to cover for one month! You must pay again for another month or you will be removed from the group!

Plans That I Offer

Basic Plan

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I handle payment via Paypal.

Payments are made in advance!

If you are a Life Coach, Therapist, or professional in the Mental Health and Self Help niche, feel free to contact me at!

I look forward to working with you!



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