7 Reasons Why You Stay With A Narcissist

7 Reasons Why You Stay With A Narcissist

You know with every fiber of your being with these people are NO GOOD FOR YOU. Yet, you stay. Here are 7 reasons why you stay with a narcissist despite all evidence clearly showing they are no good for you.

You think that you are in love with them. Believe you me, it is not.

You think it is because you can change them. Believe me, narcissists can’t and do not want to be changed.

You think it is because they are just hurting inside. Believe you…well, no. Yeah, yeah, they are hurting.

They are hurting from being the living embodiments of chaos.

And you know what?

That is not your FAULT OR PROBLEM.

Continuing to stay with thejoyman creatures, and yes, I say they are sub-human because they operate primarily on their reptilian brain, will only worsen your life.

And what is to gain from that?

Why should you sacrifice your happiness for a being that will never experience true happiness?

They may ge.t pleasure from hurting you, but pleasure and happiness are NOT the same things.


7 Reasons Why You Stay With A Narcissist

1 – You Believe Their “Projection”: “You Made Me Do It”

These people can get caught in the act of adultery, all while you go to work to provide for them to make life better and easier for them, and it is rainbowsULT THEY CHEATED.

See, it is your fault they cheated on you.


Because you worked a job to provide for them.

How does that work?

It doesn’t have to.

Welcome to the wacky, insane world of narcissism.

Where up is down. 

Blue is red. 

Right is wrong.

And rainbows and bursts of sunshine come gushing out of their a**holes with unicorns and leprechauns singing beautiful songs o the grace and miracle that is the narcissists.

Too much?


You can’t praise them enough.

So know that when they do something wrong…it is your fault.

Even if you are not in the same state as them. Even if you have done everything, they ask. And even when all evidence points to them being the bad guy.

Just know this.

You made them do it.

God, isn’t being with a narcissist fun?

2 – You Have Become Agreeable: Reasons Why You Stay With A Narcissistas

They can come into the house and tell you that the sky has turned blood rnd that the moon has split asunder.

And you can go outside to see what they are talking about, only to see that the sky is blue and the sun is shiny bright.

But you agree with them so not to upset their kidult imaginative minds.

One reason why you stay with the narcissist is because of all their imaginative ideas.

Isn’t it cute how they come up with all these lies…Ummm…Ipretendese precious little stories.

Like, take this, for example.

They use hard illegal drugs and get caught by the cops.

So not to go to jail, they place the blame on you.

And you, wanting to be agreeable and make them happy, TAKE THE BLAME.

God isn’t playing pretends SO FREAKING FUN.

Never mind that you now have a recorbeautifulething YOU DIDN’T DO.

N.ver mind that you no may have to do community service or some times behind bars.

And never mind how they may have messed up your life.

Remember this; it’s fun to be agreeable. And it is even more fun to play their wacky, insane, wonderful games of irrationality?

3 – You Are Only Seeing Their “False” Good Self: Compartmentalization

“They didn’t mean to yell at me like that. They’re still good people, though.”thought

“They didn’t mean to throw a tempantrum at your 7-year-old kid’s birthday party. It’s just that they always want to be the center of attention. They’re still good people, though.”,

“They didn’t mean to steal money from the offering dish at church. They just that God wouldn’t mind. The church, it makes so much money; you know not paying taxes and all. They’re still good people , though.”

“They didn’t mean to scratch your car with their keys INTENTTheyy’re still good people, though.”

“They didn’t mean to strike me so hard that I fell into a coma for a week. They only meant to knock me out for the day. They’re still good people,though.”

“They didn’t mean to burn down my house with me still inside. I think they thought I would be quick enough to ga competentof bed from my slumber. They’re still good people, though.”

Hey! Despite all the negative SHIT they do to you, remember thi.

They are still good people.


4 – Your Hippocampus Has Been Damaged

Real progress is in going in the reverse.

Were you once a smart, funny, CONFIDENT PERSON?

Who the hell needs that?

Am I right?

What you need in life is:

  • Chaos – why have an orderly life when you can have an irrationally chaotic-filled life?
  • Not being able to make decisions – hey, life is tough. Why not make it tougher by not learning to make decisions for yourself? That will put you ahead in life. Oh, you say, “it won’t.” Shut up!
  • Never thinking for yourself – come on. We have already explained the benefits of being agreeable. Serving time for things you didn’t do is the ultimate act of love.
  • Depression – nothing starts a day fresh, then waking up wishing you can sleep forever. Folgers…AIN’T…GOT…SHIT…ON…Narcissism. “The best part of waking up…is narcissistic abuse on your thoughts.”

5 – You Think Your “Love” Can Change Them For The Better

Your love can change the narcissist.

Just like Presidential debates can be cordial and honest.

Oh, cool, I just saw a flying pig soar across my apartment window.

And people said the day would never come.

6 – You Are Looking For Reasons To Stay Instead Of Ways To Leave

It isn’t easy leaving narcissists. They have so much POWER AND CONTROL.

They are so OMNIPOTENT!

How did God even create these beings?


I know for many, they stay with the narcissists because “I have this going on and they have me tied to this. And they have my funds. We have kids. And blah! Blah! Blah! And Oh! Woe is me. I can’t leave. Oh! Woe is me. And Blah! Blah!

Excuses are fun, right?

We all know that if we were forced to live in Chernobyl, and by force, I mean WILLFULLY going or staying, that it would be damn near impossible to move one foot forward and then the next foot forward in a continuous repetitive motion to create this fantastic movement called “WALKING AWAY.”

No, that is IMPOSSIBLE.


You know, because DIFFICULT and IMPOSSIBLE are the same things.

7 – You Feel Like You Can’t Do Any Better

I mean, come on.

How can you find anyone else better?

The narcissist is the acme of what it is to have a GREAT PARTNER.

The many amazing traits they have, such as:

  • Throwing temper tantrums worse than a 4-year-old; god that is SO SEXY. And did they actually soil themselves from working themselves up so much? Oh my god, I am SO TURNED ON RIGHT NOW
  • Still living at home with mom or dad; why the hell grow up, right?
  • Leeching off you like a bum…I mean, a Boss! Come on; only losers do things for themselves. 
  • Flipping off at the drop of a dime, there is never a dull moment with them.
  • Stressing the hell out all the time
  • Never giving you good sleep because of their lunacy…I mean their precocious antics (“Let’s see if they will wake up if I pour hot water on them?”)
  • Fantastic sex, even if they are a bit rough, and rude and denigrating name-calling, and spitting, and peeing? No. No. Hmmm (We all know sex and lovemaking are the same things, right)

God, what a gift they are, right?

7 Reasons Why You Stay With A Narcissist: This Is A Spoof

Hopefully, you understood this was sarcasm I was using.

You gain nothing…NOTHING…by staying with these sub-human creatures.

For the sake of your happiness and life, leave these people.

As Hannibal once said, “Either find a way or MAKE a way.”

Stop giving yourself excuses and leave them.

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