3 Major Reasons Why Narcissists Envy You

3 Major Reasons Why Narcissists Envy You

It is no secret for those who have studied narcissism extensively to know that these people are phenomenally envious people.

When they have set their eyes on a TARGET, not a victim, we are TARGETS to them; they will set out to destroy that person on the sole basis of them being envious.

In this article, I want to give you the three main reasons why these people are envious of you and what you need to do to keep yourself intact.

3 Major Reasons Why Narcissists Envy You

1 – Insecurity

Narcissistic people are immensely insecure people.

All they do is compare themselves with other people and then HATE a person for being better than them.

Mind you, they may never actually try working on improving themselves, but that will not stop them from hating you and trying to destroy your life.

In their warped deranged minds, if they can destroy your life and make you a failure, then they become a success.

“I made them fail ALL BY MYSELF…I am amazing to destroy someone as great as they.”

They have a warped sense of what it means to be successful, and envy only helps to cloud that judgment even more.

2 – Innate Feeling

I do believe that narcissists are un-evolved people. They operate very much out of their reptilian brain, hence is why they are all about their own survival.

They will use anyone if they think that it will better their survival.

Narcissists are like reptiles, so much of their actions which appear to us, evolved and mature beings, can appear as envy — but it may very well be that they are not mentally functioning at the same capacity that normal people are.

We know that for psychopaths and narcissists, the art of the brain where empathy is located does not function.

3 – Inferiority Complex

Narcissists have an inferiority complex.

This is not to say all of them do because some narcissists are so deluded into believing they are the greatest things to walk this planet.

However, many narcissists have a massive level of inferiority, and this is the major reason they envy others and work so hard to keep others from succeeding.

As the saying goes, “if people ain’t hatin, you doing something wrong.”

And with narcissists, this is how they are.

They envy and hate those who they feel and think is better than them.

How To Deal With Them



Get them out of your life and just achieve as much as you can.

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