7 Reasons Why Narcissism Is Good

7 Reasons Why Narcissism Is Good

7 Reasons Why Narcissism Is Good

If you doubt what is so great about the narcissist in your life, this list will hopefully remind you of what a catch you have.

These divine beings epitomize everything perfect and amazing in life.

To even question their value is blasphemous.

7 Reasons Why Narcissism Is Good

1- They Are The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

King Kong ain’t got shit on them!

2 – Their Sh*T Smells Like Cinnamon Rolls

When these godly beings take a dump, their shit smells like cinnamon rolls that have just exited the oven.

3 – They Are Just Better Than Us In All Aspects Of Life

Just in case you forgot your place in the world, the narcissist is better than you, me, your family, your friends, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Vishnu, God, and all that exist. To have them by our side is the greatest pleasure we can ever experience.

4 – They Are Better Than You

Just another reminder that they are better than you.



5 – They Are Better Than Your Family

I know I said this, but it’s important to drill this in your head that they are better than everyone in your life. Even those they have never met!

6 – They Are Better Than God

The reason God created existence is that the narcissist demanded God to do so. If that is not reason enough to see why narcissism is good, then I don’t know what is.

7 – They Are Them (Nuf Said)

Need I say more?

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