When Your Narcissists Turns Everyone Against You

When Your Narcissists Turns Everyone Against You

“Cowards band together, while the brave stand alone.”

For many people having everyone they know around them, turn against them can be a crippling experience. We are, after all, social animals and the idea of being left alone by ourselves can be frightening and dehumanizing; to a point.

When your narcissists turn everyone against you, the best thing to do is to simply…FORGET ABOUT EVERYONE, and here is why.

Most people do not think.

And leaving all these mindless flying monkeys ciphers and drones behind you is the ONLY way to keep your sanity.

Staying and fighting for their respect or understanding is a foolish fight to engage in. And I know for some people they do not like the idea that the narcissist destroying their image and reputation.

But I care, and you should care, more about your character.

Narcissist along with their flying monkeys, who so easily believe what they hear about you, have no character and that is exactly why they lash out against us.

And you must ask yourself, is losing friendship from people who can love you when everyone is loving you to hate you when everyone else is hating you…FRIENDSHIP?

I hope that you can see that it is not a friendship.

Narcissist Ruined My Self-Esteem

You need to let go of this idea that they ruined your self-esteem. You must stop being the victim because that is what narcissists do and wants you to do as well.

And we aren’t narcissists.

Note: Know this, I acknowledge your pain. But GREAT PEOPLE OVERCOME THEIR PAIN. Narcs endured pain and they coward in it. We must RISE above our pain and become the greatness that we are.

By taking YOUR self-esteem into your own hands, anything they say or do will do nothing to you.

The problem with many people is that they give far too much power to the narcissists and to people who are nothing more than drones, fools, ciphers.

You have to learn to see these people as zombies.

They all have a herd mentality.

If they hate you because everyone else hates you but then can love you when everyone else loves you…that is nothing to get upset about.

They aren’t thinking…they are just following.

Friendship should be as rare as you are.

If you lost a bunch of people due to a rumor…then you lost absolutely nothing special.

A true friend will stick by you…NO MATTER WHAT (as long as it isn’t hurting someone unjustly).

But more importantly, the greatest friend you will ever have in this life is yourself.

So don’t be scared when the world turns it’s back on you because inside you resides a UNIVERSE of potentially.

But it can only exist once you start focusing on you and not them.

Let your silence kill them, while your force revitalizes the greatness in you.


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5 thoughts on “When Your Narcissists Turns Everyone Against You

  1. Thank you for sharing this blog with me and countless others! This subject had been on my mind. My narcissist has turned literally all my friends from school against me. All because I stopped kissing her ass. Since I’ve gone no contact, she started a smear campaign. When I’m out in public, old friends will tell me that the narc misses me. Friends who never liked the narc to begin with. This friend told me to give her my number so she can be in contact more. Shortly after that, I sent her a text asking if she’d like to grab grub, she says, “I can’t till “this date.”

    This person never wanted to hangout with me. She only relayed the information the narc told her to tell me. Even though SHE asked for my number and initiated the dialogue to begin with.

    I Love talking to my other friends. I had great relationships with them until this all started with me going no contact. Another one of my friends was a covert narc. Just plain, unpleasant to be around.

    To be honest, I much rather just take care of my loved ones and heal alone or with people I know will back me up. My boyfriends family doesn’t want anything to do with him due to a rumor they heard from the narcissist. It’s almost like the narc is making it out to be that I’m being abused.

    Trust me, I am. Not by my boyfriend.

    But, by this narcissist.

    She always hated my boyfriend and any guy I had any romantic interest in the past. She even tried getting me to turn on him several times. Then I realized, she was only making false accusations and talking about the bad things she did, herself. While using my boyfriend as a human shield. He and I have been together for five years strong! We’re always on the same page and we talk a lot about this topic. He’s been through it too.

    All I have to say is when I found out I was literally being brainwashed and neglected by my narc friends, I had get the fuck out. *Excuse the cuss word *

    No one deserves that treatment. NO ONE! 🙁

  2. They do not cannot love. They use and abuse people. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Jesus will protect us

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