What Is The Bad@ss Warrior Empath?

What Is The Bad@ss Warrior Empath?

What Is The Bad@ss Warrior Empath?

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This is a cowardly world. People, for the most part, are hurt scared individuals who place their faults, shortcomings, and failures on the world.

Most people NEVER GROW UP, and they live forever in a perpetual state of adolescence.

These people are what I call “Kidults.”

They have the appearance of an adult but the mind of a kid.

Contrary to belief, people in power ARE NOT as mature or as intelligent as many of us have been CONDITIONED to believe.

These people are in power because most people are nothing more than vicarious livers.

They live vicariously through these narcissistic kidult people who have power.

The masses of people, unfortunately, are flying monkeys.

They are so easily manipulated and used.

They are legion…an army of BILLIONS.

To be a warrior for humanity…to be a warrior for love…and to be a warrior of empathy and compassion, you have to understand that the stacks are against you.

This is a cold, harsh world, and we “The Bad@ss Warrior Empaths” are the small fires that burns bright.

Not only are we a threat to the narcissist way of living, but we are also so much more.

This is what a “Bad@ss Warrior Empath” is.

What Is The Bad@ss Warrior Empath?

Bad@ss Warrior Empath

It is to be a person who is villainized by a jealous narcissist and an envious flying monkey.

It is to be a pariah in your community. To be seen as the outcast, the untouchables, the BLACK SHEEP.

To be a Bad@ss Warrior Empath is to be a person who is always seen as the “crazy one” because the masses have been so duped into believing the smear campaigns.

But…it is so much more.

It is to be a person who sees the narc for what they are.

To be a Bad@ss Warrior Empath is to be a person who cannot be conditioned and molded into what the narcissist and flying monkeys want.

Where the flying monkey is like puddy in the narc’s hands and the masses are like puppets moving to the will of the narcissist, the Bad@ss Warrior Empath is AUTONOMOUS.


We are diamonds that have been forged under the pressure of the irrational world around us.

To be a Bad@ss Warrior Empath, it is to be a person who is in control of their emotions.

The world may throw dirt on our names, but so HAPPY with who we are, the WHOLE WORLD’S opinion means NOTHING TO US.

That’s BD@SS!!

To be a Bad@ss Warrior Empath is to be a person who can stand and walk alone. In fact, it is in the solitude that we find our strength.

To be a Bad@ss Warrior Empath is to know when to walk away because not all fights are worth fighting.

We know when to fold them. Know when to hold them. We know when to walk away. And we know when to run.

Thank you, Kenny Rogers (Was that him?)

To be a Bad@ss Warrior Empath is to be intelligent and know that you can never reason with an irrational person.

Develop The Inner Strength To Be A Bad@ss Warrior Empath

Bad@ss Warrior Empath

Hard times are NOT meant to tear us down…they are intended to make us stronger.

The narc may have damaged you, but they have not destroyed you.
And you know how I know this?

Because you are reading ways to learn more about the narc and about how you can heal.

Flowers can only grow by having dirt thrown on the seed. Steel is only forged under fire. And diamonds are only formed UNDER PRESSURE.

Bad@ss Warrior Empaths are created by the hard times that life thrust our way.

You are NO VICTIM…remember that.

YOU…ARE…A…Bad@ss Warrior Empath!

Yell out your battle cry!

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