What Is Laughing @ Narcs All About??

What Is Laughing @ Narcs All About??

NOTE: I AM NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST. BUT I AM A PERSON WHO HAS DEALT WITH NARCS ALL HIS LIFE. I don’t need to be a veterinarian to know what dog sh*t is. Narcissists are irrational. I have learned that once you stand up for yourself, as well as see-through their disguise, they back off like the cowards they are. This website has nothing to do with hating them but learning to see them for what they are…a JOKE.

Laughing At Narcs is a website I have dedicated to helping those who have been hurt by Narcs. Narcissists are…EVERYWHERE. These creatures (Narcissist NOT people with NPD) pass themselves off as human beings. But they are without a doubt some of the major creatures that make this planet so unbearable at times.

But despite them seeming so powerful…narcissists really are scared, little cowards. We should not be afraid of these cowards. We should be amused by their antics and not afraid of their antics.

Laughing At Narcs” is in NO way shape or form imitating the Narc — but more so “Standing Up To Narcs”.

We laugh, not to be childish, but laugh for healing. And we laugh at the realization that it was the NARC, NOT US who was in the wrong.

We laugh for the truth…not to make fun of them.

Never Give Up Who You Are

Aside from trying to get people to see the humor in the narcs twisted reality; I also want to try and help people remember who they are.

Narcissists are really good at making people forget who they are with their triangulation tactics, their gaslighting, their devaluing, and their ability to sniff out EMPATHS and get sympathy from them (when they don’t deserve it).

Empaths are what it is to be a…HUMAN BEING.

And Narcs go on the hunt for Empaths.

I know after leaving a Narc that getting revenge can seem like it will be the sweetest joy.


As one of my favorite philosophers and heroes of all-time, Marcus Aurelius, once said” “The greatest revenge is to be unlike him who has done you the harm.”

Laughing At The Narcs: Learning How To Smile In The Face Of Irrationality

Once you learn how to put up barriers against these cowards they shrink away like the cowards they are.

The best thing to do when dealing with Narcs is to go “Grey Rock” (read more about that here).

Don’t feed these creatures by giving them any attention. The moment that you stop feeding the Narc any attention, the quicker they will get out of your life.

When you stop fearing them…they stop coming in your life.

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And remember…

“We laugh NOT to tease…but to heal.”

Because laughter is the best medicine after years of emotional, spiritual and sadly physical abuse.

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