What Does Discarded Mean…If The Narc Was Being Honest

What Does Discarded Mean…If The Narc Was Being Honest

What Does Discarded Mean

“I know that when a door closes, it can feel like all doors are closing.”

Rejections, for many, can feel as if you are being set on fire. And although this may very well seem like a hyperbolic statement to say, there is scientific evidence that has shown that being rejected lights up the same area of the brain where being burned is located.

This is why guys always say to others guys when they get rejected, “YOU GOT BURNED…SON!“.

Rejection is never fun. It hurts. It makes us feel as if we are nothing important. And this can be extremely painful when we have fallen in love with someone.

To be denied is one thing. Having someone tell you “I am not interested,” can hurt.

But to be in a relationship and then be discarded as if we are NOTHING can be crushing.

Crushing for our ego, for our heart, and sadly, for our mentality.

To give ourselves to someone else entirely and wholly — to only then be thrown away…HURTS.

But you have to understand this.

That with a narcissist…your pain is their pleasure. Click To Tweet

You are not dealing with a human being that has empathy. Narcissists are people who get pleasure from the most nefarious and nasty antics you can think of.

And they know that discarding you will hurt you…but it will also do something more that they desperately try to NOT make a reality.

Which is…

What Does Discarded Mean…If The Narc Was Being Honest

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If the narc could be honest, this is what they are actually saying when they reject you:

“I cannot control you like I can my FLYING MONKEYS…so I will just get rid of you.”

“I know that who I am is NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU, so I will make you think you are not good enough for me. How’s that feel? Huh? HUH? You would leave me if you saw the real me. So I will get rid of you first.”

“I am scared of being rejected…so I will do it to you before you do it to me.”

“I will reject you after all you did for me, so you keep thinking about me. If I do you wrong, then you will NEVER FORGET ME!”

Narcissistic People Are Needy People

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I know for many of us who have been discarded by the narc that we feel as if we are nothing. We feel as if we are foolish for ignoring the red flags, for putting up with the nonsense and for just letting them take so much time for us.

And after all we did for them, to toss us to the side as if we are nothing…can be CRUSHING.

But you have to know this.

Narcs discard because they know deep down…they are the ones not good enough.

And the new lover in their life…is just a tool to make you think you are not good enough.

The happy pictures on Facebook (which you need to STOP LOOKING AT) are all FAKE.

These people are delusional. They live in a false reality.

By you being angry, running back to them, asking them what you did wrong, and obsessing over them…only makes them happy.

Because in their twisted minds, “If they could break the precious gem that you are, then you will be…LIKE THEM.”

The worst thing you can do to a narc when they have discarded you is to MOVE FORWARD with your life.

Acknowledge what has happened, but don’t let it hold you back, because that is what the narc wants.

Instead, use this time by yourself to fall back in love with yourself.

Become so amazing that they will see the time away from them as a GREAT THING FOR YOU.

That will reveal to them how much life is better when they are NOT IN IT.

And remember this:

Rejection fails it's purpose when you are not seeking or NEEDING the acceptance of the Rejector. Click To Tweet

Keep shining Empathic Warriors Jewels because your value after leaving the trashbin narcissistic relationship just went up!

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