Victim Mentality Obliteration: #Imnotavicitim

Victim Mentality Obliteration: #Imnotavicitim

Victim Mentality Obliteration

Fear again. If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid.”― Paulo Coelho. Click To Tweet

There is NO HONOR…NO HONOR in being a victim. There is NO GLORY in playing small. Playing the damsels in distress or the guy who “LIFE” just keeps on knocking down is NOT honorable.


The pain that you feel after leaving the narc is understandable. Heck, it may even be justifiable…to an extent.

The narc did you wrong. The flying monkeys that help to add salt in the wound wronged you as well. People close to you (your family and friends), whom you try and tell your story to, but they just don’t SEE IT or believe you, can make that pain so much more unbearable.

You were wronged.

No one is denying that.



Moping does not make things better.

Feeling sorry for yourself does not make things better.

Fantasizing about all the negative things YOU WANT to happen to the narc is not going to make things better.

Waiting for some WHITE KNIGHT, some BIG BROTHER, some…SAVIOR will not make things better.

And playing the victim or feeling like a victim…will not make things better.

Listen, before you click off in a rage of “NO ONE UNDERSTAND ME“…STOP.

This article is not to shame you for feeling sad about the victim mentality you developed.



In life, there will always…ALWAYS be hard times.

Life does NOT get easier...we just become STRONGER. Click To Tweet

Don’t run from them or hide from them (hard times).


Because in life those who have peace, have prepared for war.


Victim Mentality Obliteration: #Imnotavicitim

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There is beauty in the struggle. Knowledge in the pain. Glory in the let downs. And honor…honor in overcoming the shame.

What you need to understand is that narcissistic people want people to feel like victims.


Because you become easy to manipulate and control.

When you are made to feel like a victim you no longer see your own strength as you have given that strength away to the narc or waiting on some outside force to come along and save you.

Either way, you place your power on something external instead of internal.

Victim mentality is a GREAT way to manipulate a person or a group of people.

Example being.

I am American, an African-American.

Now, I believe it salient to place African Americans as living in an SJW PC Culture, if you don’t fall in the category of VICTIM there are certain things you cannot say.

And as an AMERICAN…I find this F*CKING STUPID.

Every election year, my people are told how much of a victim we are in society.

“Oh, the cops are racist against black people.”

Even though more unarmed WHITE people get killed than black people. Where is the news media for these stories?

“Oh, the educational system is racist towards black people.”

Even though affirmative action does MORE HARM to us than just accepting us in the IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS on…I don’t know…OUR OWN MERIT. And if we don’t meet the academic standards, guess what? UP OUR GAME, like everyone else does.

Dear heaven you black people have it so hard. Just let {Insert political party here} take care of you. We’ll give you welfare and housing. But hey! Don’t get married, otherwise, we’ll stop giving you money for all those kids. And a job…HA! Why do you need a job when papa government will give you money. Just keep on being a victim and let us control…ummm…help you out.”

Become dependant on others and you live the life that THEY WANT.

Feel like a victim and you will never see the world for what it is because you have allowed a “Savior” to pull the wool over your eyes.

And this wool is not coming from the Lamb of God.


(And FYI, I personally believe that racism is NOT a thing. It is just a form of narcissism. I have met many “racist” and once I showed them I don’t give a flying sh*t what they think of me (by ignoring their snide comments or grey rocking them)…their tones, like the cowards they are…changed. #Imnotavicitm. I’m a GODD*MN WARRIOR. I stand…DEFIANTLYALONE, like a man.)

Victim Mentality Gets You NOWHERE

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Narcissistic people NEEDS people to feel like victims. Because when you feel like a victim you no longer see your own strentgh.

When you feel like a victim you no longer think you are good enough all by yourself.

The thing that narcs fear the most…IS NOT BEING IN CONTROL.

A person who can live their life without the narc in their life is the living walking embodiment of the narc's darkest nightmare. Click To Tweet

“They don’t need me. Then I can’t control them. Wah! I can’t get what I want. Wahhhhhh!”

These are just a few issues with victim mentality (and why you need to give it up):

  • Anxiety: You are anxious ALL the time, thinking the worst and always living on edge.
  • Depression: Because you are scared all the time, you never see the stars because of the dark sky.
  • Easily Manipulated: Victims are DESPERATE for a savior. So desperate that they run right back into the arms of other narcissists.
  • Devaluation of Self-Worth: You start believing that you are NOT good enough. You believe the lies of the narc when they say “NO ONE WILL WANT YOU.”
  • YOU LIVE AN UNHONORABLE REGRETFUL LIFE: On your deathbed…and DEATH IS GOING TO FREAKING HAPPEN…you will look back with regret at the life you lived. Regretting being a coward, a codependent to a scumbag piece of garbage…and most of all a VICTIM. That with this one opportunity you had to be whatever you wanted to be, you chose to be a victim.

Obliterate The Victim Mentality

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There is nothing good to come from being a victim. But there is so much to gain from obliterating this idiotic mentality.

And you know what, it is idiotic to live as a victim.

Life is hard. It will NEVER GET EASY.

But what it does get, to those who are successful and happy in life, is manageable.

You have to learn how to stand alone. You have to learn how to walk alone. Learn how to detach yourself from the legion of fools that parade around the coward NEEDY narcissist.

You have to learn how to NOT avoid hard times, but to welcome them. Because the hard times in life are not meant to destroy you.


They are meant to make you stronger.

Much like dirt to a seed…a flower will grow.

Much like fire to steel…a weapon will forge.

And much like pressure to Earth’s Crust…a precious Diamond will form.

You are more powerful than you know. And I am not just saying this. You are reading articles on how to heal. You are listening to podcasts about how to OVERCOME.

Every day you wake up and drag yourself out of bed when all you want to do is lie in bed all day and sleep.

To sleep so that you don’t have to deal with the hardships of life.

That takes power.

Now use it. Own it. Absorb it. And let it transform you into a BAD@SS EMPATHIC WARRIOR that you are.

You are not a victim. You were just caught off guard.

Now pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Get back into the fray; there are people who NEED YOU as an example of how to overcome.



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