Toxic Females Are The Reason They Are Not Loved Or Will Ever Be Loved

Toxic Females Are The Reason They Are Not Loved Or Will Ever Be Loved

Not a usual topic of mines, but it must be said.

It is not the least bit uncommon nowadays to hear how toxic masculinity is the bane of all that exists.

Toxic masculinity, for many people, is the reason why there are so many problems in the world.

And although there is some truth in that — toxic men are NOT all that comprise of what it is to be a MAN.

There are many GOODHONESTDECENTCARINGLOVING, and HONORABLE MEN out there who work and fight against the evils of men.

Yet, their voices and their actions rarely are shown and publicized.

Toxic women exist.

But rarely do we ever talk about them because society has been so thoroughly conditioned to see women as weak, helpless, and victims.

A woman can be everything and anything, except an equal in the realm of criticism.

You are automatically perceived as a sexist or misogynist once you say anything wrong about a woman in their deluded world.

Females in the west, and I say, females, NOT WOMEN because WOMEN and females ARE NOT THE SAME, greatly exaggerate their oppression.

These are WOMEN, but I doubt any female in the comment section who reads this will even address the video, but they will attack MY article.

BRING IT!!!!!!

And I know you will attack me, and try and get my account suspended or banned.

And all because of me speaking the truth.

Living the lie that you are living right now is what is keeping you SINGLEand MISERABLE.

It is not guys who are making it hard for you, it is you who are making it hard for you.

Just as we hear so often, “You ain’t no man,” so too can it be said about females.

“You ain’t no women behaving the way you do.”

No real woman ever prompts her boyfriend or husband to “Hit me! hit me! Hit me, bitch!”

No sophisticated woman acts in that way.


But keep on blaming men and see who will marry you.

You will enter into your 40s, and it will hit you at how much of a (you know) you have been, and it will be too late for you to ever be a mother or a wife.

And you have no one but yourself to blame.

Toxic females exist, and they are the sole reason why they are alone and will forever remain alone.

Toxic Females Are The Reason They Are Not Loved Or Will Ever Be Loved

Toxic Females Are
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

It will always baffle me at how toxic women can say ALL MEN are toxic dogs and use other colorful languages about men, and that is empowering.

But if a guy points out something blatantly wrong about a TOXIC WOMAN, one person in the WRONG, somehow he is attacking ALL women and being a toxic man.

And this is a tactic that toxic females do.

So as not to feel like they are alone and have to take accountability for their actions, they make their attack be an attack on ALL WOMEN.

They use this collective victimhood nonsense to get others to rally behind her.

Toxic females make a mountain out of an anthill and do so with extreme passion and anger that it borderlines psychopathy.

There is no reasoning with these females.

The more you try and rationalize with them, the more insane they start to act.

It’s like reasoning is painful to them.

Show them the error of their way, and they will spite you and work day and night to make your life a living hell.

They are the epitome of petty revenge.

Have an interest in a certain woman, and if they are not on the list, they will go after you.

Think certain traits about certain women is attractive, and you are trying to mold women into what you want.

And men, just like women, have a RIGHT to have a preference for certain women.

Think anything slightly wrong about women, and you are the scourge of the earth.

Toxic women live in this delusional reality where all that they think is right is ALL that is right.

And anything that dares to question that belief is to be attacked and eradicated.

This is especially true on social media platforms.

If this goes viral, read the comment section and watch the hate, and watch how they will try and report me.

These social justice keyboard warriors go out there LOOKING for something to complain about and to CANCEL.

Because, like the toxic people they are, it gives them some type of pleasure to take away from someone they feel they aren’t getting.

These females, who have no husband and no boyfriend, look for the drama, and if they can’t find it, they will create it, just to fill the empty void in their life that keeps them SINGLE.

Toxic females are the reason they are single, not because of sexism or misogyny.

It is because of their bad behavior!

If you are angry about being single, maybe you need to clean your attitude up because many guys are realizing and waking up to the fact that you aren’t as valuable as society has made you out to be.

For those amazing women out there who defend GOOD MEN out there, you are SO GREATLY GREATLY GREATLY VALUED!


3 thoughts on “Toxic Females Are The Reason They Are Not Loved Or Will Ever Be Loved

  1. Excellent (brave) post! Bravo!
    I am about to launch a charity and as a WOMAN – im holding what i call the’Man-Wo’ to account.
    These are ‘females’ but have no understanding of
    A. The Sanctity of life
    B. How vital it is to be a woman and be kind and strong and stable
    C. Have a horrific distorted need for control/domination
    D. Nearly all have ‘Cluster B’ Character Disorders

    I believe that 50 years of toxic Media have turned women mad bad and dangerous.
    The only way back is for them to be re-educated and for REAL women – to stand up and protect all men!
    Keep going
    C x

    1. PLEASE LEAVE A LINK to your charity.

      I will most definitely promote that as best as I can!

      And THANK YOU for doing this.

      Yes, good women need to defend men, like GOOD men need to defend women.

      We must be PARTNERS, not enemies.

  2. Some of this behavior is not a joke and really bad things happen because of this behavior. I am a victim of this exact problem our world is facing and it is not funny at all.

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