Stop Feeling Regret For Leaving Your Toxic ABUSIVE Narcissistic Family

Stop Feeling Regret For Leaving Your Toxic ABUSIVE Narcissistic Family

Stop Feeling Regret For Leaving Your Toxic ABUSIVE Narcissistic Family

I know the title of this article may trigger some people. Many of us grow up with the idea that “they are family” and that all we have in this life is family.

However, I don’t see it this way.

Family, the blood family we have been born into WITHOUT OUR CONSENT, are not all that we have in life.

And they DO NOT have the right to abuse us for their damn pleasure psychologically.

A parent who gaslights and projects on their kids are NOT parents, they are monsters, and they should be seen and treated as such.

A parent who does emotional incest on their child is NOT a parent, and they should be held accountable to some level for the emotional incest they do to their kid.

Emotional incest can mess up young kids’ minds by making them think they have to be mature at a very young age.

These “parents” rob their children of their childhood, and when they grow up and have a hard time in a healthy relationship, no one bats an eye.

The family is people who are supposed to be there for each other.

Stop Feeling Regret For Leaving Your Toxic ABUSIVE Narcissistic Family

Toxic ABUSIVE Narcissistic Family

Parents who mistreat their kids humiliate them, gaslights them (I KNOW THIS FROM MY UPBRINGING), demands perfection in their kids, yell at their kids, and make them feel as if they are not loveable are MONSTERS, and walking away from them is NOT a bad thing.

Yet, for many of us, it does feel like it is a bad thing because of blood. Blood doesn’t mean a DAMN THING.

There are friends who will love you much more than your blood will ever love you. There are strangers who will help you out in your time of need, more so than a toxic family will.

And there are people whom you will connect on an emotional, spiritual, and intimate level, more so than with your toxic family.

All they are were the progenitors to your existence.

Walking away from them does not make you a monster; it does not make you selfish, and it does not mean you do not care.

It means you value your ONE LIFE and sanity over being psychologically abused by the very people you are supposed to look for comfort and support.

Family is not blood; it is people who care for you and want the best for you.

Just because he is your dad does not make him your father.

Just because she is your mom does not make her your mother.

The idea that you have siblings does not make them your brother or sister.

And the idea they are your blood does not make them family.

You did not ask to be born into that family, you didn’t have a choice, but you have all the choice and power to walk away from them and go out there and make your own HEALTHY LOVING FAMILY.

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