This Is Why The Narcissist Never Apologizes

This Is Why The Narcissist Never Apologizes

This Is Why The Narcissist Never Apologizes

Narcissists are truly a mercurial and fickled lot of people. They will do us wrong, and then we, presumably, are the ones who are supposed to make amends.

They can burn the house, but it is our fault for not LOCKING up the matches.

Go figure.

There are several reasons as to why a narcissist will NEVER apologize to us for the wrongs they do.


As you will soon discover from the list below, these people WILL NEVER GIVE YOU THE APOLOGY.

And that is okay.

Because you are stronger than you realize.

And only the STRONG…can forgive without an apology.

NoteGaslighting is a favorite tactic of narcissists to use on their victims. Download my FREE eBook “Am I Being Gaslit” to better understand their sneaky tactics.

This Is Why The Narcissist Never Apologizes

Reason # 1 – They Don’t Want To Admit They Are Wrong

Narcissistic people are kidults. If you are familiar with my works, you know I say this at ad naseum.

But this is the truth as much as the sun rising tomorrow.

These people cannot admit they are wrong because they are stuck in their childhood state. Their minds and psychology really haven’t matured after there childhood stages (4 to 7).

I say this with no malice or as a crude statement meant to tease them.

But it is quite evident when you observe a narc, OBJECTIVELY, and then watch a toddler or small kid behave, that the behavior is shockingly similar.

I mean, it is horrifying at how a narc behaves.

Admitting they have done wrong brings a great deal of shame on them.

This is one reason why the blameshift so much or gaslight.

“I didn’t do it.”

“It’s not my fault.”



Reason # 2 – By Apologizing They Feel You Won’t Give Them What They Want

Another reason why these kidults will never apologize because then you won’t do what they want.

What’s the point of apologizing for a wrong they have done if we are not going to give them what they want?

I mean, come on.

This makes sense, right?

Reason # 3 – Hehe…Apologies Are For People…”Silly Supply”

Silly…silly empaths. You are not a person. You are just a tool for the narcissistic life.

Silly Supply, you don’t have feelings like the narc.

And if you do have feelings, it should be what the narc ALLOWS you to have.

(I am being sarcastic here. This is how narcs think.)

Reason # 4 – You Won’t Keep Thinking About Them After They Apologize

Lastly, the non-apology is meant as a final attack on you. It is like an open gash that will not allow the injury to heal.

Narcs, like the attention fiends they are, NEED OUR ATTENTION. THEY NEED US IN THEIR TRAINWRECK OF A LIFE.

This is why they hurt you so much so that you will always have something to remember them by.

They are disgusting losers who will never have the mindset of a winner.

Be A Winner and Forgive Without The Apology

aware, awake, accepting

You are SO MUCH BETTER than what you give yourself credit for. You really are.

But you have allowed the narc to distort your image and perception of you.

By you waiting for an apology from the narc, you have allowed them to tell you when you can heal by waiting for their apology. Click To Tweet


Take back your power and heal yourself.

The apology will most likely never come, but guess what?


You have the strength to forgive without receiving an apology.

So forgive and heal yourself…because YOU more than anyone else are deserving of a happy life.

NoteGaslighting is a favorite tactic of narcissists to use on their victims. Download my FREE eBook “Am I Being Gaslit” to better understand their sneaky tactics.

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3 thoughts on “This Is Why The Narcissist Never Apologizes

  1. When my narc said I was the one that made him do all that unfolded and it was all my fault. I relpied; “Damn! I must be Zeus. I have that much power to make you do something against your own will. I am a God? Really? I had know idea. Not a clue? So I wonder what it would take to make you draw me a bath, give me a petti and a back rub a little later.” he he he, ha ha ha
    I love myself

  2. Hi my name is Linda, through out the four years I been with this person, I’ve looked up questions like why does my boyfriend leaves until the next day? And no explanation, and come back like nothing’s happy, etc….etc… Well the internet lead me to Narc..and “Wow”! I didnt even know the word “Narcissist”! I was amazes to read my own life story. I feel trapped, suffocated, mad,sad etc.etc….and believe it or not I’m more pist off on taking advice from this Lady person to leave my previous boyfriend which is her brother in-law to roommate with her own brother the” Narc”! I learned to just go with my own Apennines because it cost me a lot of pain deep down my soul. The brother in-law is who treaded me like a Queen, we had one argument & I was defending the Lady person of course. I have been heart broken with out him. We both can be our self ,we can talk about anything and not judge, he’s even was willing to give me his heart if I needed literally. He new my history of rematic fever sence I was 5 years old etc…etc..I miss him so much. He was my heart, my safe place, my soul flame soul mate.etc… My question is how does a person ” me ” , get through this? I cry out of anger & sadness every time I’m alone and feel I’ve waisted 4 yes, when I could of been married to the love of my life. Thank you for opening my eyes on understanding. But I’m still stuck. I’m 49 and want to enjoy what I have left to live what God has given us on earth.thank you again….

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