This Is Why The Narcissist Hoovers You

This Is Why The Narcissist Hoovers You

This Is Why The Narcissist Hoovers You

It is not uncommon for the narcissist, who may have discarded their victim, or if they have been left, to try and hoover the person back into their lives.

Narcissistic people have an insane level of fear of being alone. They cannot stand being by themselves, hence the need to have to legions of flying monkeys and enablers around them.

When you separate from the narc either through being discarded and NOT reaching out to them or if you walk away, these people will try and hoover you.

And it may be a few weeks later, to months later, to even years later.
I have had narcs reach out to me years later, with the same old comments.

“Hey, how are you doing? Been thinking about you.”

Narcs try and hoover people through different tactics:

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This Is Why The Narcissist Hoovers You

Now, it is very important to NOT respond to the hoovering. The reason these people try and hoover you again IS NOT to reconcile or to gain closure. They like hoovering their victims back into their insanity for one reason.


The fake smile, the “I have changed,” and the “I see the error of my way” is all just BAIT.

They use these phrases to try and bait us back into their world, so they hook, line, and fry us.

They are NOT looking for closure.

The narcissist is looking to destroy you.

Plain and simple.

Ghost Your Narcissist

If you have separated from the narcissist and have gained your psychological freedom from their insanity, GHOST THEM.

Block them on ALL social media platforms (Change accounts if you can).

Change your phone number and give out your information to those closest to you.

Block them on your email so that they cannot send you any messages.

And it is important to do the same for their legion of fools.

Know that the flying monkeys will also be a means for the narc to try and hoover you.

Become a ghost to them.

Because these people will NEVER CHANGE.

Need Support?

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And remember, that a support group is NO ALTERNATIVE to professional help.

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