This Is Why The Narcissist Calls You Months Later

This Is Why The Narcissist Calls You Months Later

Narcissists all follow a pattern. These people are not as unique as their deluded minds have tricked them into believing. They all follow a pattern.

And in understanding their pattern, you will be better able to predict what they will do and defend yourself from them after you finally wake up or have woke up.

If you are receiving messages, texts, emails, or having an acquaintance of the narcissist coming to “check on you,” understand this…they are just trying to hoover you back.

It is all their sneaky little plows to see if they can get you back in their clutches. And they are trying to see if you still have feelings for them.

These people are cowards.

So, you may be wondering, why do they take so long to reach out to you.

And here is why.

This Is Why The Narcissist Calls You Months Later


Narcissistic people are cowards. In their cowardice and ignorant minds (believing they are smarter than everyone around them), they think that if they reach out to you after some time has gone by that, you will be so ecstatic to hear from them.

In their delusional minds they think you will behave like this:




These lunatics believe that them NOT being in someone’s life is a punishment.

They also reach out to people late because they think we will forget what they did.

They are scared to take responsibility for their actions because they are kidults.

Ignore The Hell Out Of Them


Listen, these people do not learn anything. They are stuck in an abyss of ignorance, held down by delusion.

Ignore the text messages that say, “Hey! Been thinking about you! 😉

They have been thinking about you.

Thinking about how they can hurt you again, manipulate you again and use you again.

In their minds, you are not a human being…YOU ARE AN ITEM THAT BELONGS TO THEM.

If you receive a message from these people, or “run into” an old friend of theirs (most likely a flying monkey spying on you because their narc master told them to)…KEEP IT MOVING.

They don’t deserve your attention or your time.

Beware Of The Hoover

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