This Is A Hurt World: Be Strong Enough To Handle The Pain

This Is A Hurt World: Be Strong Enough To Handle The Pain

This Is A Hurt World: Be Strong Enough To Handle The Pain

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This is a hard, harsh, cold, cruel world. Life seems to do it’s very best to submit us to the depravity that it has stored in its pockets. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Many of us are forced, due to circumstance OUT OF OUR CONTROL, to work jobs that we hate. Live in places that we despise. Surround ourselves with people we don’t want to be associated with.

And live with “family” who seems so distant from us, emotionally, that we often have to convince ourselves they are family.

Life has given so many people so many mental health issues, and personality disorder that at times, this gift we call life, can seem more like a curse.

And this is especially more of a curse when you have common sense.

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And d*mn, if there isn’t a lot of people who do not have common sense.


But even worst than having common sense, is having…EMPATHY.

Because we have to deal with people who don’t know what’s best for themselves and because as an empath we care about the well being of others, we usually get sucked down in a dark abyss trying to help people.

And most often times these people we try to help are…NARCISSIST.

This is a cold, rough, and hurt…hurt world.

This Is A Hurt World: Be Strong Enough To Handle The Pain

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I hear many people, mostly ENABLERS, tell empaths and people who love narcissists (NOT ALL PEOPLE HURT BY NARCS ARE EMPATHS; some have co-dependency issues) that it is our jobs to help these people.

That it is our job to be their parents, rock, and their hero.

And their rationale for this is because narcs suffered as kids. They were traumatized.

This rationale I can’t entirely agree with.

I don’t necessarily believe that being a hero is always a good thing — because you cannot be a hero to a villain.

And narcissistic people are extremely villainous people.

Just because they had a hard life, GIVES THEM NO RIGHT TO DESTROY AND HURT ANOTHER LIFE.

Life is tough FOR EVERYONE.

Whether you are male or female.

Black or white.

Religious or atheist.

Western or Eastern.

Trans or Cyst.


But the difference between those who are happy and successful in life is the idea that successful people and happy people EMBRACE the hard times and develop a thick skin.

Narcs are paper-thin tigers who crumble under the lightest of weight. The smallest criticism or suggestion throws these people into a maelstrom of insanity.

They can judge everyone, but d*mn if you judge them about one small thing.

As an empath, it is important also to have intelligence.

There is nothing a narc FEARS more than an educated empath.

Develop Thick Skin

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It is very important to develop a thick skin. You must learn how to deal with the laughter, the unjust criticisms and attack on your name, the resentment from others YOU NEVER TALKED TO, and the anger for ignoring the red flags.

I promise you that you are NOT the only one who ignored the red flags and TRIED your very best to see the good in others.

Narcissists are hurt people, and their actions towards you are a reflection of how they feel about themselves.

And yes, there are some narcs out there who do feel GREAT about themselves.

But they truly are a rarity, much like great people of our time are a rarity. People like Elon Musk is a rarity (not saying he is a narc because he isn’t).

The common person you meet who treats you poorly does so because they feel poorly about themselves.

The world is hurt, and to respond to that hurt, most people cause more hurt to others.

They don’t understand that — the answer to them feeling unattractive is NOT by becoming uglier or making other people ugly.

So hurt, all they see is hurt. So much in pain, all they understand is pain. And so VICTIMIZED BY LIFE all they want to do is turn others into victims.

They are thus continuing a cycle.

But as Empaths and people with common sense, we must break the cycle.

In us walking away from negative people and NOT giving an “eye for an eye,” we, in effect, start to make small changes to the dynamics of life.

Showing narcs that their actions will not be acknowledged shows them they have no control over us, and they start to realize that people will NOT put up with their kidult antics.

Be Strong Enough To NOT Care What Others Think and Say

Hurt people want to hurt others.

They want others to FEEL their pain. They want others to connect with them to save them from their suffering.

The snide comments, the hurtful text messages, the smear campaigns are all signs of a person CRYING OUT FOR HELP and ATTENTION.

With normal people, if you want to try and reach out to them to help them, okay.

But with narcs and flying monkeys, DON’T BE A HERO.

Some people like the hurt and pain.

When these people try and tear you down, don’t try reasoning with them because there is no reasoning.

Don’t try rescuing them because they like their destructive life.

And don’t care what they think.

Every second you worry about them and question how you can make things right is a second you waste, which could have been on making yourself better.

Making yourself stronger, wiser, and, most of all, happier.

This is a cold, hurt world, and it is OUR job to make sure we are strong enough to deal with OUR OWN pain.

Life doesn’t get easier, we get stronger.

Need Support?

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