There Is No Such Thing As Life After Leaving A Narcissist

There Is No Such Thing As Life After Leaving A Narcissist

The narcissists that come into our lives are the Alpha and the Omega. They are the beginning and the end. There is no such thing as life after leaving a narcissist. Because without them…we are nothing and there is nothing. So if you are hoping for a better life (which is a bit perplexing as we all know there is no greater life that one can have then but to be with a narcissist) just stop it.

Because there can NEVER be a better life outside of these psycho…um…great beings that descend from the heavens above.

The lies. Those are okay.

The cheating. They did that only to become better lovers for us.

And the abuse; physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. They did this because they love us. They love hurting us.

And that…that is true love.


So sit tight and let me explain why having a life after a narcissist is a STUPID IDEA THAT YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF YOUR MIND.

There Is No Such Thing As Life After Leaving A Narcissist

There Is No Such Thing As Life After Leaving A Narcissist

Now, I don’t know what type of fantasy world you are dreaming about… but know it is just a dream.

If you are thinking that you can become financially liberated and free yourself from your narcissistic “lover”…then stop. Despite this generation producing more 1st-time millionaires than any other generation.

Know, there has never been a story of rags to riches; especially in…AMERICA.

This goddamn communistic regime where only the 1% rule and 99% are subjugated to the authority of the elite.

God damn this capitalistic society where anyone who knows how to use the internet, just a little bit, can earn money ONLINE and be FREE.

The odds…goddamn they are just SO STACKED AGAINST US.

Let me keep using and wasting my time COMPLAINING instead of using it to find a solution.

That works for SO MANY PEOPLE, right?

But even if they weren’t stacked against us, the narcissist in our life is everything so…you know.


You know what I mean.



Having A Healthy Relationship

There Is No Such Thing As Life After Leaving A Narcissist

This is just as insane as thinking you can becoming finacially liberated. The idea of having a (scoff) loving partner who actually wants the best for you is HILARIOUS.

Relationships are not about building up…they are about tearing down.

Know your relationship goals.

Get this Disney fantasy out of your mind that you can actually be a happy mother with a supportive husband.

And my bros!

Get this ludicrous idea that you can actually find a good wife who will always support you and be by your side.




WAKE THE HELL UP and STOP DREAMING…you stupid, stupid-head.

Waking Up Happy

There Is No Such Thing As Life After Leaving A Narcissist

Life is misery.

There are NO PEOPLE alive right now, who actually wake up being happy. When you stay with your narcisist you can guarantee a life of misery.

And you know what…just the idea that you “could” be happy is what causes you so much pain.

There is no such thing as a happy life without your narcissist.

The peak of happiness for you, and us is to be miserable with the narc. That is the zenith of happiness that we will ever be able to achieve.

You Cannot Do Any Better So Just Keep Living The Nightmare

There Is No Such Thing As Life After Leaving A Narcissist

Understand this…you cannot and probably will NEVER do better.

Accept this and maybe…maybe you might get a minuscule boost in happiness.

Your life can never be anything without the narcissist.

Accept that.

THIS IS A SPOOF: There Is No Such Thing As Life After Leaving A Narcissist

Listen. This is a spoof. This is all sarcasm.


You CAN become financially liberated.

You CAN find a lover who will actually love you.

And you CAN be…HAPPY.

But like anything in life if you want something to change…YOU HAVE TO CHANGE.

If you want to become independent and make money on your own…LEARN HOW TO. If you have the means to read this article…you have the means to learn how to make money.

If you want to meet a lover. Go out there and mingle. Yes, your heart may be broken a few times. But if you are not searching for the lover of your life you will NEVER FIND THEM?


And if you are staying in a miserable relationship…how do you ever expect to be HAPPY?

There is life after a narcissist.

And how do I know this?

Because I LEFT MY NARCISSIST and life has been SO MUCH BETTER.

Stay strong. Stay optimistic. And know that you can live without them in your life.

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And if you are looking to be happy and find happiness….LEAVE YOUR NARC PARTNER!

The person who breaks you cannot be the person who heals you.

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