The Smear Campaign Is A Cry For Attention

The Smear Campaign Is A Cry For Attention

The Smear Campaign Is A Cry For Attention

For those of us who have left the narc, of our own volition, KUDOS. However, you may feel like you regret it now due to their smear campaign.

I often write and champion the idea of NOT ACKNOWLEDGING the smear campaign.

This indeed shows the narc how unimportant they are. And they LOATHE THIS IDEA WITH A PASSION.

If you are dealing with the smear campaign, you have to understand that they are doing this TO GET YOUR ATTENTION.

It may be difficult to deal with.

I know.

It can jeopardize your finances, your housing situation, and maybe relationships with other people.


You have to restrain from lashing out, and you have to stay in control of your emotions because they are waiting, drolling, and hoping to get you to lash out.

Do not play into their hands.

The Smear Campaign Is A Cry For Attention

anger, angry, bad

Let’s try and understand their mindset.

Narcs are kidults. They never EVER GROW UP.

When you have a toddler who doesn’t get what they want, what do they do?

They throw stuff. They yell. Some will cry and destroy things. And some may even try and attack the “mean parent” for not giving them ice cream for breakfast.

Toddlers and kids that are not disciplined can be a nightmare to deal with.

But that is understandable. Toddlers and kids are just coming into life.

They have to learn how to regulate their emotions.

Narcissistic kidults are no different from a toddler.

And here is why “you” not acknowledging the smear campaign is the best thing to do.

With a toddler and kid, when they go on their temper tantrums, they usually tire themselves out when you just let them vent.

And narcs are the same.

Believe me, I have been the target of many smear campaigns and character assassinations.

But…I NEVER GAVE THEM ATTENTION, and this drove them batsh*t insane.

They Are Addicted To…YOU

hands, one, medicinal products

Narcs are addictive people. And you leave them…this is like the WORST cold turkey that someone can go through.

The lies, the rumors, and the smear campaigns are not to hurt you…BUT TO GET YOU TO COME BACK TO THEM.

And the more nasty they get, all these shows is that they are hurt, angry and NEEDY of your attention.

Them lashing out at you through the smear campaign is them crying out like the toddler they are.

I know that the smear campaign hurts you, but you will hurt SO MUCH MORE if you give in to their insanity and lash out.

The feeling of being pulled back to them is a feeling that makes you feel dirty.

Be the bigger person, and deal with the smear campaign because much like a toddler, their anger will subside once you stop giving them attention.

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