The Person Who Broke You Cannot Be The Person Who Fixes You

The Person Who Broke You Cannot Be The Person Who Fixes You

Love NEVER requires that you break in order to be loved. Narcissistic people have an insatiable desire to break and tear down everyone around them. Know this, the person who broke you cannot be the person who fixes you. If you are holding on to this idea that they can repair you after BREAKING YOU…STOP.

Narcissistic people are broken people themselves and they have only one desire.

Which is:


Leave Someone Who Is Trying To Break You

The Person Who Broke You Cannot Be The Person Who Fixes You

Your narcissist will never change. And I know for many of us out there who may have “invested” in a relationship that they feel like they should stick it out.


Your goals and the narcissist’s goals are diametrically opposed. They love the idea that they can make you suffer.

Narcissistic people lack empathy and the only reason they keep you around is because they know you have empathy. They KNOW that you will stay with them trying to change them for the better.

Many narcissists, if not all, laugh at the idea that we are SO FOOLISH to stay with them.

Narcissistic people and I say this not as polemical statement, are NOT HUMAN.

They cannot understand love or empathy. The more time you spend with them, the more they will drive you insane with their irrationality.

Love is NOT about denigration; it is about uplifting one another. Click To Tweet

You are not only partners, but you are each other’s INSPIRATION TO BECOME BETTER.

If the person you are with does not inspire you to work on yourself to improve continuously — NOT FOR THEMBUT BECAUSE OF THEM


A man should be a hero to his woman. And a woman should be an inspiration for her man. Click To Tweet

And if you are the only one in a relationship who is trying to uplift the other partner, and they are doing NOTHING to uplift you, YOU NEED TO LEAVE THEM ASAP.

Stop chasing your narcissist with the hope they will fix you; they won’t.

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The Person Who Broke You Cannot Be The Person Who Fixes You

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21 days is the average that it takes for someone to develop a new habit.

I want you to think about this for a second. Your daily routine is so ingrained in you that you do much of your daily work without thinking.

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