The Narcissists NEEDS YOU…And They Hate This

The Narcissists NEEDS YOU…And They Hate This

The Narcissists NEEDS YOU…And They Hate This

If you have not yet seen “The Invisible Man” (check out my review), you should. It is an excellent movie that captures what it is like to be in a relationship with a narcissist.

What I loved about this movie was how they captured the realization of what narcissists are.

And what narcissistic people are, is a NEEDY bunch of people.

They may pretend to be successful and on top of the world, but the truth of the matter is that they are a needy bunch of people.

And the people they need the most in life are the people they hurt the most.

This is NOT LOVE I am suggesting.

Because narcs cannot love.

But this is an addiction on the narc’s behalf.

If you have been with a narc, understand this…


But you don’t need them.


Move on with your life.

The Narcissists NEEDS YOU…And They Hate This

“But I See Them With A New Supply”, I Hear You Say


Yes, and the narc KNOWS THIS. They know you are still invested in their trainwreck of a life. And they love it.

They love the idea that you are watching them give the new supply the life you wanted.

They don’t love the new supply. It is all an act.

By you watching, they win.

Because you are still investing in them.

They are empty, soulless beings, and the attention and energy you give to them, feeds them.

Stop looking at their false life and start focusing on your life.

Narcissists Are Parasites…Stop Being Their Host


Narcissistic people need others to feed on. Without having people, they could not survive.

Loneliness can destroy people in many MANY ways.

This is why the narc lashes out in bizarre ways.

They will do anything for your attention.

They will:

  • Lie
  • Cheat
  • Send you to court (God! They love dragging things out in the court; it gives them an audience to FEED OFF OF)
  • Stalk you
  • Make false claims
  • Steal your money
  • Use the kids
  • Attack what you love (KEEP YOUR PETS AWAY FROM THEM)
  • And much more

You are not dealing with a sane and rational person. You are dealing with a nutjob.

The best revenge is to move on because once you do that, two things happen.

You go back to being the AWESOME PERSON YOU ARE (check out Facebook group pictures of before and after photos with people who left the narc).

And second, you hurt the narc on a massive level. They are addicts, and you are their drug.

And like most addicts who can no longer have access to their drug start to HURT, so too will a narc once you take yourself from their wreck of a life.

Don’t get even with these trolls…move forward with your life.

And you will win.

Stay Awesome and go back to being the amazing person you were before you met the narc.

This shows them how unimportant they are, and that life is SO MUCH BETTER FOR YOU WITHOUT THEM IN IT.

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