The Narcissist’s Greatest Victory: Their Last Laugh

The Narcissist’s Greatest Victory: Their Last Laugh

The Narcissist’s Greatest Victory

In a hospital, lies a person, beaten, broken, shattered, humiliated, and on the verge of death. They had been driven mad into fighting back against a narcissist in their life.

On their hospital bed, they find out that they are handcuffed to the bed and that there is a police officer outside their room.

The police officer is not there to protect them. And the handcuffs are not there to keep the person from jumping out the window.

No, the person who is on the verge of death is suspected of battery.

Against whom you may be asking?

Against the narcissist in their life.

The Narcissist’s Greatest Victory: Narcissists Know How To Flip The Script

As the person starts to wake up from the beating they also received, they are questioned by a doctor.

How are you feeling?”, the doctor asks.

I feel very drowsy and still in a lot of pain“, they reply.

Do you remember what happened to you? Do you recall how you got here?“, the doctor asks. I was defending myself from being attacked by (insert narc name)“, the person on the hospital bed says.

I see. So you were defending yourself?“, asks the doctor.

Yes. Why…why am I handcuffed?“, the person asks.

Enters a police officer.

Hello, I can answer that for you“, says the cop.

A look of perplexion comes across the person’s face.

We spoke with (insert narc names). They said you attacked them violently after a verbal argument. They said you attacked them for a disagreement.

No. It…it…it wasn’t…that’s not what happened“, says the person on the hospital bed.

Please tell me what happened.

(Insert narc name) has been stalking me online using different usernames. They had been spreading rumors and gossiping about me. They ran into me on the street and I walked by them. And (insert narc name) started to yell and scream at me.”

Oh! Please go on“, says the police officer.

(Insert narc name) spit at my feet and said I was trash. I kept my composure and walked away and they kept following me. I told them to stop following me. But (insert narc name) kept doing it. They were recording me and name-calling me.”

And so you snapped at them?“, ask the police officer.

No! (Insert narc name) attacked me first. I defended myself.

Hmm. That is not what we have on camera. Along with other video camera recorders showing YOU initiated the attack.”

No. You are mistaken“.

“We have three eyewitnesses that all point to you as the aggressor. (Insert narc name) has filed charges against you.”

The person on the bed looks angry and upset.

I let them get me,” they think to themselves.

The officer keeps on talking, but the person is lost in their own thoughts.

I saw what they were trying to do, and I let them get me. Damnit! Damnit!

They sit there with a blank expression across their face and the officer leaves.

Transition To A Six Months Later

In a courtroom, is (insert narc name) and the person on the hospital bed who survived their fight with the narc. The case that is going on right now is an “attempted murder charge”.

Your honor. My client (insert narc name) is an upright, decent, honorable human being who has been targeted for being murder by the individual sitting across from us. They claim they had to get my client (insert narc name) out of their life because they kept bothering them. And I ask, why not just move away if my client was such a monster; as they have been trying to paint my client out for the past three hours.

Objection your own, says the opposite side defense. My client has been harassed for years by the individual sitting across from us. They have filed for restraining orders, they have blocked them on social media, and they have tried to even reason with them. (Insert Narc Name) has been constantly following and stalking my client and the authorities have done NOTHING about it.

Your honor This is a free country. People can walk where they want and they can record what they want. That is not reason enough to hire a gunman to kill someone.”

The person, after six months from their time in the hospital, looks broken, beaten and far worse then they were while in the hospital.

The eyewitnesses who have been claiming my client has harrassed (insert narc name) are all friends of theirs. My client believes they are flying monkeys.”

“Sir! There is no need for name-calling here. My client has done nothing wrong to justify being targeted by a gunman.”

The session goes on for another hour with no signs that there will be a reasonable outcome.

Has the jury come to a conclusion?“, ask the judge.

Yes. We the jury find (the person) guilty of attempted murder.”

A look of utter defeat comes across their face.

“You will be sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.”

(Insert narc name) gets up and hugs their lawyer.

“Thank you so much for saving my life.”

The person looks utterly defeated.

As they get up to be taken away (insert narc name) says, “I will always love you, no matter what.”

As they say that the person loses it and makes their way to the narc only to be taken down by the officers.

I hate you…I fucking hate you!”, they say as foam comes out their mouth.

“You destroyed my life. Why? Why? I DID NOTHING TO YOU! WHY? I hate you.”

(Insert narc name) puts on a show, and acts as if they are hurt and scared.

“Thank you guys so much for saving my life.”

One Week Later In Prison

The person hangs themselves in prison. No longer able to bear the shattered life given to them by the narc.

And the narc…well.

“Master. Master!” says a flying monkey.

You truly are a genius. You were able to destroy their life and get them to commit suicide. How did you do it? Tell me again. Please tell me again“, they ask in a submissive and obsequious tone and manner.

Well, seeing as how you asked so kindly“, (insert narc name) says.

The narc explains.

Looking back at the initial attack, from the narc’s perspective, the narc had flying monkeys record a certain time of interaction with the person to make it appear that they were the ones who made the first physical interaction.

The fight was not to kill the person — but to cause enough pain to make them forever think about them. They scarred them in the face so they would always have something to remember them by.

After that, playing the victim and filing a restraining order on them, knowing the person did the same thing to them, was salt in the wounds.

But why finish up with that, right?

Now, came the idea of driving them insane enough to put them behind bars. To take away their lives in many ways.

By creating fake accounts, along with flying monkeys (who have no lives and minds of their own), they were able to keep finding this person and sending them videos of the attack.

Next was to befriend the person with a flying monkey who says they also hated (insert narc name).

These two would hit it off and they would both come to the conclusion of offing the narc.

But here is the caveat, the friend was an undercover guy working with the narc to try and get this person to hire a gunman.

Now, that they had proof that they would hire someone to try and kill them, they reported it to the police and they set them up with a fake hitman.

And now…not only did they place them in jail, they also made them look like the monster, and they also were able to make them take their lives.

And the narc has the last laugh.

Why did they do this, you may be asking?

Because the person discovered what they were.

The Narcissist’s Greatest Victory: Do Not Give The Narcissists The Pleasure Of Destroying You

The story above does not exist.

I believe that in thinking about the worst thing that could happen, or what could have happened, that we can let go of the current hatred or pain we feel because of the narcissist.

These people get a kick out of destroying people.

They are not that dissimilar to sociopaths.

Read this article “Confessions of a Sociopath“; it is CHILLING!

It is very important to understand that these people WANT YOUR DESTRUCTION.


Just because…

You cannot reason with these people. You cannot help these people. And you cannot live with these people.

They will lash out at you and provoke the hell out of you, just so you can attack. And when you do attack you are the bad guy.

The best thing to do is to move as far away from them as possible.

This is NOT running away.

This is you removing yourself from a toxic environment.

You wouldn’t live in Chernobyl because you were “there first” or because you had “nowhere else to go”.

You would find somewhere better, for the sake of your health.

And likewise, with these creatures, you have to separate yourself as far as possible.

No contact hurts them because they are all about destruction.

When they have no one to destroy…they will destroy themselves.

So many of them do, and so many of them have.

They are all about destruction, don’t be their outlet for it.

That is how you have your last laugh!!

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Giving in into their insanity only makes them happy.

Rising above the insanity not only makes you stronger and happier…but it also drives them more insane.

Don’t let them destroy your life…they aren’t worth it.

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5 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Greatest Victory: Their Last Laugh

  1. I was charged and convicted of horrible crimes…. against the narcissist husband…. that of course I did not commit…. the pathological lying narcissistic pedophile went to extremes to silence me. Two years in a county jail and no one would listen, no one heard me…. Not my family, not even my own attorney. I am now considered a violent felon. The damage is overwhelming and unescapable.

  2. Now I am scared stiff… my narcissist is a policeman with a pretty high rank working in a team fighting against domestic abuse (oh the irony). Probably no one would believe he is an abuser himself.

    1. My father the narc has pretty much brow beaten my mum into non existence. I have also suffered emotional abuse at his hands for years, only to marry another sociopathic narcissist. Thankfully, from a friends horrendous experience with her husband I made a decision early on NOT to have children to him. I now have no children but I would hate to put any children through having him as a father, so small sacrifice to make. I left him after 8 years.
      55 years ago my narc father married my mother, she’s only 74 but in the last 6 months has gone from a highly functioning, highly intelligent woman to a shell of a person suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s/Dementia. She may not live long now, but as a final act of protection (we her children have tried to help her leave, to no avail, she became too co dependent sadly) her brain has shut down and now she just sings to herself, giggles and smiles and his crap just goes over her head because she doesn’t know what’s happening. It’s hard to witness this, but in a way she has the final revenge, because he is now completely alone in the fragile ivory tower made of boasts and self-pride and hubris, after pushing everyone away, he’s lonely and starting down the road to dementia also, I think he knows it and is scared, but is denying this and projecting on my mother. Us siblings have said, if he dies first we will all take our mother in, but if she dies first, he’s going to a home. Enough is enough!

  3. I live between the narc and his flying monkey. The monkey wants my house so that his family can take over the corner of this close.. They stepped up the harassment after my husband died now I’m a prisoner in my own home as they do damage to my property when I go out. Where do I turn, I’m on my own? UK

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