You Do NOT Owe The Narcissist A Damn Thing

You Do NOT Owe The Narcissist A Damn Thing

You Do NOT Owe The Narcissist A Damn Thing

It is too bad they had a bad childhood. It is too bad that life doesn’t seem to give them a break. And it is too bad that maybe they have a disorder they didn’t ask for.

Ask yourself, HOW ARE YOU…YOU…YOU, the reason for their messed up life?

How are you responsible for all the bad stuff that has happened in their life.

And how are YOU the one who is supposed to fix their issues?

I hear far too often, these enablers and these sociopathic narcissists proclaim how it’s an empath’s “job” to help those around them.

And, for me, it’s like, excuse me.

You Do NOT Owe The Narcissist A Damn Thing

It is NOT my job or any other empaths job to be the punching bag, the whipping board, the scapegoat to a person who refuses to try and change anything about their worthless lives.

Far too many empaths have been so conditioned into believing this nonsense that it is OUR JOB to save these people from a prison they have willfully placed themselves in.

We have been conditioned to believe we owe these people and their legions of fools something for being the nothings they are.

And why?

How many people have lost out so many years to decades because of trying to show the POS narcissist in their lives that they are there for them?

How many people have developed PTSD, C-PTSD, anxiety, depression, and many other mental illnesses due to the monster walking around as human beings?

Why do we owe these monsters anything?

Why are we supposed to give up our dreams to live in a nightmare relationship with them?

This way of thinking is NOT RIGHTEOUS, and it is not how empaths should think.

Naive empath’s however, believe this way, and they believe that it is their job to save everyone in their lives, except NOT THEIR OWN LIVES.

They can let their own world inside them fall apart and burn, but heaven to Murgatroyd, let them be a small glimmer of fire in the lives of others and “HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAYYYYYYYYY!”

You Owe Them NOTHING

The Narcissist

You owe nobody anything.

How can you expect to save others when your own inner world is coming crashing down around you.

How can you be a hero to others when you are a villain to yourself.

And as long as you stay with the narcissist and bend to their beck and call, you are a villain to YOURSELF.

Listen, know society, religion, family, culture is very hard to break away from. These abstracts can condition us into believing we owe the world everything and nothing to ourselves.

And narcissists, the vultures, the parasites they are looking for people, like this, to leech on and feed off of.

You have to start seeing the nobility in putting yourself first and taking care of your life — and doing so unapologetically.

You owe these monsters NOTHING.


Stop feeling bad if you want to leave.

Stop feeling bad if you stop talking to them; be they friends, family, or lovers.

And stop feeling like you owe anyone anything because YOU DON’T.

Don’t let the trick you into thinking you we them a damn thing.

They are nothing; you are something.

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