The Machinery Of Defamation: Why The Narc Spreads Lies

The Machinery Of Defamation: Why The Narc Spreads Lies

The Machinery Of Defamation: Why The Narc Spreads Lies

Prepare for war, if you have left a narc. These people will spend the rest of their lives doing everything they can to destroy.

But see this NOT as a threat, but as a welcome challenge.

Do not fold under the weight of the smear campaign. Do not succumb to the myriad of trolling and gossiping. And DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.

The narc wants to destroy you because in you leaving, you destroyed their fragile small ego.

In life, there will always be people out there who want the worst for you.

And the funny thing about it is that you don’t even have to know the or ever have made acquaintance with them.

With narcissistic people, because they are addictive people who love chaos and drama, the best thing you can ever do for yourself, and to get back at the narc…IS TO BE YOURSELF.

Focus on becoming the person they are trying to destroy.

Let them waste their life trying to tear you down, all the while you do everything in our power to build yourself up.

Ignore the machinery of defamation by the narc and flying monkeys.

And do this by…

The Machinery Of Defamation: Why The Narc Spreads Lies

Detach Emotionally From Everyone Who Wants The Worst For You

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The first thing you need to do is learn how to detach yourself from the narc and their legion of flying monkeys.

These people NEED YOUR ATTENTION. They are parasites. And if they have NO HOST to feed off of, they will shrivel up and die.

Learning how to detach is NOT easy, but it sure as heck is worth learning how to detach.

In learning how not to take what their feeble minds (and I say this NOT as a crude attack), you will see that there is no reason to get upset.

Narcs are kidults, and flying monkeys are their loyal pet dogs.

You wouldn’t be mad at a two-year-old for throwing a temper tantrum, and you wouldn’t care if a dog on the street barked at you.

You have to see the narc ad their foolish flying monkey slave in the same light.

I am not saying they are beneath you. Their actions prove it.

Shift Your Thinking To things You Enjoy Doing

If you allow the negative thoughts and actions of the narc and the flying monkeys get to you…THEY WIN.

They win because you are THINKING about them.

The best way to stop thinking about them is to do things that you love to do or learn something new that you always had a passion for learning about.

Shift your thinking to things that make you happy.

Speak With A Therapist

A therapist will be able to help you get through the emotional warfare you will inevitably face after leaving a narc.

As mentioned, they will do everything in their petty powers to make your life miserable.

They have legions of fools behind them, so why not reach out to an ally that can help you during your hard times?

You Are Stronger Than You Know

You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Wiser than you have misled to believe. More valuable than you can imagine.

And you are an AMAZING PERSON…that is why they are trying to destroy you.

In their minds, they can never be who you are. That is why they got close to you.

If I can’t be like you, at least I can be in your presence.

After leaving them, what this shows them is that they are NOT WORTHY of your time and attention.

This is how these losers perceive this.

The smear campaign and the defamation of your character are all an attempt to protect their egos.

Be the adult, the mature person, the grown-up…THE BETTER PERSON and know that some battles are NOT worth fighting.

In life, you don’t need to win every battle you come across…YOU JUST NEED TO WIN THE WAR ON LIFE.

Need Support?

If you need support, feel free to subscribe above to my Private Facebook Group.

And remember, that a support group is NO ALTERNATIVE to professional help.

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