The Key To Surviving Abuse

The Key To Surviving Abuse

The Key To Surviving Abuse

Living with a narcissist can be like living in a warzone. This is not hyperbole. Studies have shown that children and people who live in narcissistic relationships develop PTSD.

Children who grow up in a narcissistic household have the same brain scans as soldiers who went to war.

Narcissistic relationships are some of the most dangerous and toxic relationships you can be in, as it isn’t always physical.

With narcs, it is almost psychological. And when injuries cannot be seen, they are often, sadly…dismissed.

However, it is possible to not only survive a narcissistic relationship, but it is also very possible to THRIVE after a narcissistic relationship.

The Key To Surviving Abuse

Read this article, “How I Survived Abuse and Removed It from My Life” by YVONNE GLASGOW to learn what she did to heal and thrive after her abuse.

There is life after a narc relationship. It is very important to NEVER give up on yourself.

And as she states in her article, “I AM NOT A VICTIM”, so too I hope you realize you aren’t either.

You are not a victim, you are a WARRIOR.


Need Support?

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And remember, that a support group is NO ALTERNATIVE to professional help.

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