The Invisible Man Review (Spoiler Free): What If A Narcissist Was Invisible

The Invisible Man Review (Spoiler Free): What If A Narcissist Was Invisible

The Invisible Man Review

This is a spoiler FREE review of the movie “The Invisible Man” (2020).

What makes a great horror film is NOT monsters, ghosts, demons or aliens. They may help make the film to be more engaging, but it is the idea that what you see in these movies could possibly happen in real life.

The Invisible Man is a movie about a woman named Cecilia, also called “C,” by her friends and family.

The movie is about Cecilia escaping from a narcissistic boyfriend. We find out a bit into the movie that the narcissistic boyfriend dies; much to her relief.

Now, initially, this story looks like another ghost movie.

  • Things moving around the house.
  • Noises creaking when nobody is VISIBLY there
  • People being attacked by unseen forces

The typical ghost MO.

However, in this movie, there is no ghost, but a man who has made a suit that gives him the ability to become invisible.

And this man is a narcissist.

Here is my review of The Invisible Man: What If A Narcissist Was Invisible.

The Invisible Man Review (Spoiler Free): What If A Narcissist Was Invisible

Imagine for a second the damage that a narcissist could do to you if they could become invisible.

Scary, right?

Well, in this movie, the director captured this scary idea to a TEE.

This was a GREAT MOVIE that really encapsulates what narcissistic people do to their victims.

The heroine of this movie, Cecilia, captured what it is to be the victim of a narcissist.

With her trying to convince others around you that the narcissist in your life is trying to drive you insane.

And what is so great about this movie is that the invisible suit serves as an excellent metaphor for all their narc’s sneaky little tactics (gaslighting being one of them) they implement on their victim.

You Don’t Need Monsters & Demons To Create a Horror Show

What makes this movie so scary and engaging was how calculating and manipulative The Invisible Man was. He sets out a plan to get back at our heroine for…wait for it…LEAVING HIM.

If you have been with a narc, you know how batshit insane they become when someone dares to leave them.

The villain (her ex-boyfriend) knows here so well (or at least he believes he does) to the point he sets out a plan that basically forces her to take him back or which will keep her locked up.

Yes, I know, I said we find out later in the movie he “dies” but…

Hold on! Watch the movie to find out what he did.

The guy uses many people in the movie to get what he wants and basically sets her up for the murder of one of the characters in the movie, that frankly had my jaw-dropping at how fast the death came.

It was one of the most emotional parts in the movie, and the actress (Elisabeth Moss) of Cecilia’s character NAILED IT.

It was just the sheer cunning and manipulation that really made this villain a truly horrifying horror monster.

Watch This Movie

I don’t want to give too away about this movie, as certain twists happen.

But this is a movie that really captures what it is to be a victim of a narcissist.

All you want to do is move on with your life, and the narc just won’t let you.

If you are a horror fan or just looking for an excellent narcissistic movie with a happy ending outside of watching “Gaslight,” then I highly recommend that you give this a look.

The writing was excellent.

The characters were ALL AMAZING.

The chemistry between them was spot on, especially with Cecilia and her friend she was living with.

And the underlying theme of what narcissists do to their victim was just EXCELLENT.

This movie is easily a 4.5/5.

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