This Simple Trick Will Help You Stop Playing The Hating Game

This Simple Trick Will Help You Stop Playing The Hating Game

Hating the narcissist who has wormed and eeled their ways into our lives can be a punishment unto itself. The hatred we feel for them not only makes them HAPPY; it also hurts us. This simple hack will help you stop hating your narcissist.

In the process of healing after your narcissistic relationship (check out my “100 ways to let go and move on in life” article), you need to…NEED TO…stop hating your narcissist.

Now, does this mean that you have to LOVE THEM?



But, in giving up the hatred, you remove that darl coal log that has implanted itself in your heart. Life is a gift…and the more time you spend it wasting on someone who will never give you any type of positivity, is more time wasted that you can NEVER GET BACK.

So, let’s dive into this article, shall we?

How To Stop Hating Your Narcissist

This Simple Hack Will Help You Stop Hating Your Narcissist

To stop hating your narcissist, what you need to do is see them for what they really are.

Which is a broken, hurt, and scared little child?

You have to enter into the realm of psychology for a second and ask yourself…what happened to this person for them to turn into the creatures they are?

I am not asking you to pity them.

I am asking that you see them for what they really are.

These people lie, cheat and steal because maybe, maybe that is all they grew up with.

They attack people and hurt people because that is what their parents did to them. They lie to people because maybe they were always DENIED something and someone.

And they tear down others because they never learned how to build up their own self-esteem.

See, this hack requires that you take the ADULT approach and see these people as the children they are.

When you enter into the realm of being able to see these people for who and what they really are, which is nothing more than scared little kids, you can let go of all that hurt and pain that you feel.

They hurt others because they are hurt.

Broken people break others.

Stop Hating The Narc…They Are Just Scared Hurt Kidults

This Simple Hack Will Help You Stop Hating Your Narcissist

No successful, happy, mature and strong person tears down others around them. Only the weak and the insecure do that.

Strong, healthy, mature and successful people, build up; NOT TEAR DOWN.

Understand that narcissists are nothing more than kidults.

They never learned how to manage their emotions and as a result, they do very cruel things.

When you start to see them as kids the hatred you have for them will diminish.

Because you wouldn’t have hatred for a ten-year-old.

And narcissists, the kidults they are, are no different.

Take the higher ground.

Be the adult and let go of that hatred.

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2 thoughts on “This Simple Trick Will Help You Stop Playing The Hating Game

  1. I’m yet to see a narcissist who was a broken child. I have or had atleast 3 malignant narc leeches on me and atleast half a dozen more who are/were not closely related to me, but could manage to leech off whatever was available of me. None were broken children. None. Its all so perplexing.

    1. But they were. Whatever has appeared on the outside first started within. Like, unfortunately, their attraction to an empathetic person. The empath has her roots deeply embedded in shame long before she met a narcissist.

      The narcissist that I know was taunted by a broken mother who didn’t see a lot of value in herself so she made empty promises and made herself out to be someone she wasn’t. Her child was subjected to it and tried to avoid her by disconnecting emotionally from her and not engaging in life with her. It builds resentment between the two. But the mother knows that if she “acts kind” she can somewhat talk to him but it’s a form of manipulation because she wants what she wants and not for him to have a nurturing mother. It’s why the narc would like to see others around them fall.

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