The Greatest Love Story On Paper

The Greatest Love Story On Paper

The Greatest Love Story On Paper

“The Greatest Love Story On Paper” by Chelsie McFall

I met him when I was 14, just as my mom was relapsing and we were going back into foster care; I was extremely vulnerable and looking to be loved. At the time, I thought he was the nicest guy I ever met. We started out as friends then began dating the night before homecoming.

Even while just being friends he would buy me lunch and do nice stuff for me. Once we began dating he purchased my homecoming ticket; which even though I had an after school job, I would not have been able to purchase my own because I had to pay the electric bill- needless to say; he was my real-life knight in shining armor. As I moved around the foster care system he was my only constant. I snuck him into every home I lived in; even after we broke up for a brief time we remained “friends with benefits”.

We eventually got back together; only after asking him numerous times and him saying no- that is until I told him I was going to attend college out of state (a huge red flag I didn’t catch until later).

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The Greatest Love Story On Paper

I remember being so excited to be around him, and longing for the days we could be grownups and hang out all the time. I was eventually emancipated from foster care when I was 17, and I was released from the system into his Mom’s care. We lived there until my 18th birthday then we moved out.

He had a very unhealthy relationship with his Mom being he was the baby of the family and she was a narcissist. Shortly after moving in together we were talking and he says “I’m sad that I had to leave my mom, I told her it would always be me and her and you made me leave her”. Now mind you, I never gave him an ultimatum or anything.

I had no intention of living with his Mom or anybody else past my 18th birthday; we had been together for a while and I just assumed he wanted to move onto the next stage of our life together- that was the first blow to our relationship.

Let me give you some history on what I thought was “The Greatest Love Story On Paper”.

The Greatest Love Story On Paper

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