The CCP (Communist Chinese Party): When Covert Narcissists Gain Power

The CCP (Communist Chinese Party): When Covert Narcissists Gain Power

The CCP (Communist Chinese Party): When Covert Narcissists Gain Power

Now, I usually do my very best to NOT delve into the political or religious arenas for this website as these are sensitive issues. Many people attach themselves to their politics (nationalism or patriotism) or their religion (an identity for MANY PEOPLE).

So I know how easy it can be to turn a lot of people off if they feel like their idea (religion or politics) may be wrong or attacked.

If you reject their religion, they feel like you are rejecting them. And rejection for many is a big blow to their identity and self-worth.

  • Religious zealots: “What! I don’t care if you weren’t born in my culture, my region, my language, my history, or my bloodline. How DARE you reject my religion. YOU HEATHEN B*STARD.”
  • Me: “I’m not rejecting. I’m just…doubtful.”
  • Religious Zealot: “I’m a Good MORAL person. When I get to heaven, I will look down on you and LAUGH that you didn’t accept my religion when you could have. And god (whatever god(s) they may worship) will be by my side.”
  • Me: (Thinking in my head) Moral????

Getting back on track because this is an article all into itself, “Religion and Codependency.”

Many people have an innate desire to be attached to something outside themselves, whether that be a ruling political party, where they can help to be a productive part of the system.

“Be a good little cog in the machine. And you will be rewarded. Who’s a good cog? WHO’S A GOOD COG? You are! Yes! You are!”

Or whether they be a child to some omnipotent being who loves them all equally, yet some of them are born in prosperous countries and others, well not so much. But hey, it’s all mysterious and “there is a plan,” I am often told.

Either way, for many people, politics and religion are what give them meaning.

So this is the reason why I try to steer clear of these issues.

However, for this particular article, I want to talk about the MOST COVERT NARCISSISTIC DICTATORSHIP on this planet.

Communist China!!!

wood door, ancient door locks, treats

And No, North Korea, I don’t think it is a covert narcissistic regime. It is FULL BLOWN MALIGNANT SOCIOPATHIC DICTATORSHIP that enslaves its OWN PEOPLE.

Now, before you click off or attack me as being racist (this is for you SJW keyboard warriors), I am NOT attacking Chinese people.

And I can’t be racist because I am black.

I…I think that is how this works in this PC Culture.

Is this right? Help me out here, because…you know, I’m a victim (#imnotavictim).

And I’m black, so I’m not so smart outside of basketball and rapping.


There are good Chinese people and there are bad Chinese people.

There are good Americans. And there are bad Americans.

Good is not inherently found in ANY CULTURE. It is found in the individuals, not the culture.

I am writing about the EVIL, CORRUPT, IMORALLY IRREPRESSIBLE, NASTY, DISGUSTING, GENOCIDING MANIACAL party that is known as CCP (Communist Chinese Party).

Oh! You didn’t know they were genociding people?

Sit tight; there is much to learn.

This is what happens when covert sociopathic narcs gain power.

The CCP (Communist Chinese Party): When Covert Narcissists Gain Power

The Covid Virus (The Wuhan Virus)

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Oh! I know I am going to set some people off with the Wuhan Virus claim emotionally.

And be called a racist.

Wuhan is a CITY, not an ethnicity.

So, you can stop right there.

The Chinese Communist Party has been paying News outlets to say the Wuhan Virus is a racist term (hence the reason for the removal of suspected Chinese spies in America’s News Media). And news outlets are GIVING IN.

So much for objective journalism.

How the west is slowly losing itself. FOR SHAME!! SHAME!!!

“The Chinese government knows that identity politics is America’s greatest weakness. It divides us. It makes us stupider. In times of crisis, it may even paralyze the national will at essential moments. It could do that now.” – Now’s not the time for the dumbest identity politics

1984 here we come.

Silencing The Truth

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The Coronavirus (Wuhan Virus) first appeared in Wuhan, China. When the outbreak happened, there was a doctor, Li Wenliang, who was trying to warn people about the virus.

And what did the CCP do?

They detained him on the grounds that he was spreading propaganda.

What happened to him?

He “caught” the virus and then he died.

“Chinese Doctor Who Tried to Warn About Coronavirus Dies from the Disease”

The Chinese Communist Party had muscled the W.H.O into saying that this virus could not be transmitted through human interaction.

“Taiwan Says It Warned WHO About Coronavirus In December, But Its Warnings Were Ignored”

KNOWING FULL WELL that that was how it was transmitted.

They allowed thousands (if those numbers are even honest) to get infected and then…TRAVEL ABROAD to spread the virus to other nations.

Make Countries NEED THEM: Covert Narcissists Gain Power

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The motive that many people are speculating about this nefarious plan is that the CCP is trying to CRIPPLE THE ECONOMIES AROUND THE WORLD.

By crippling the economies of nations, these nations will then become MORE DEPENDENT ON COMMUNIST CHINA.

Shifting The Blame: Covert Narcissists Gain Power

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And now the Chinese Communist Party wouldn’t be narcissistic if they didn’t SHIFT THE BLAME.

The Chinese Communist Party has accused America’s Military of creating the disease.

But of course, it has nothing to do with their hundreds of “Wet Markets,” which much of the world says NEEDS to be taken down due to…I don’t know…HOW MANY VIRUSES THAT CAN COME OUT OF THESE WET MARKETS.

No, the virus came from the West and was situated right in the city of Wuhan.



The Re-education, Human Organ Harvesting, and Genocide Of The Uyghur (Wheegers) People


The Human Slavery Of Their Own People: Covert Narcissists Gain Power

wire, fence, metal

2.9 million trapped in modern-day slavery in China, 30 million worldwide

The Kidnapping Of Other Cultures & Child Trafficking In China

The Playing The “VICTIM”

Lastly, is the playing VICTIM. The regime is ACTIVELY going out of their way to play the victim.

They are lashing out at countries and pointing the finger at everyone else about this coronavirus outbreak.

Over 600,000 people so far as this article has been written, have BEEN INFECTED because of the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY lies.

All Countries Have Done Immoral Things

world, earth, planet

I am NOT attacking Chinese people, I am talking about the government. Heck, I will write an article about the Classical Narcissistic Antics of the American government in a different article.

Such as:

  • Our support of BRUTAL dictatorships in the Middle East and Latin America
  • To our invasion of certain countries with the idea of spreading freedom – “solitudinem faciunt pacem appellant.” This is Latin for “They create desolation and call it peace
  • Certain political parties that have an agenda of genociding certain groups in America
  • And so on.

America, too, has done A LOT of injustice.

So, I am not singling out the Chinese Dictatorship…um…Government.

I just needed somewhere to start.

With that said, stay safe and follow the social distancing plan because you may have the disease and not even know it.

Let’s try and help each other out and NOT help to make this world 1984 (this is a novel for those who don’t get the reference).

Stay home and help slow the rate of this virus.

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