The 5 Step Process To Ignoring A Narcissist

The 5 Step Process To Ignoring A Narcissist

The 5 Step Process To Ignoring A Narcissist

It is very important to be able to ignore a narcissist and move on with your life. Narcissists are attention fiends. These are people who NEED ATTENTION; otherwise, in the lunatic minds, they will disappear somehow.

Go figure.

And yes, I know that we are all sociable creatures. We are social animals.

I get that.

But reasonable and mature people can deal with someone moving on with their lives.

Hell, I have been in love with females before, and they weren’t interested or moved on after we broke up and I UNDERSTOOD.

There was no stalking — no crying and wallowing around for them to take me back.

It was, “it was fun while it lasted, and I respected their right to live their lives WITHOUT ME.”

Now, I know some may disagree, and that is fine.

But narcissists take things to the extreme, and they WILL stalk, harass and send their flying monkeys after you.

Life with a narcissist will NEVER be a fairy tale.

It will only be a nightmare.

If you are tired of the chaos, the drama, the insanity, and the sheer irrationality of the narcissist and want to move on finally, then this is the article for you.

We get ONE LIFE.


Stop wasting this precious gift on a troll.

Live your life for you and be unapologetic about it.

Here are five steps you will need to follow to properly and effectively ignore the narcissist in your life.

The 5 Step Process To Ignoring A Narcissist

Step # 1 – Do Not Feed The Beast: Ignoring Them KILLS THEM


You have to KNOW THIS!

Narcs NEED ATTENTION like we need air to live.

These people are such drama queens. Attention is their life force.

When we deny them our attention, we effectively take away their substances to survive.

They are people who cannot stand being alone. They cannot stand being by themselves.

Much like evil cannot stand looking at itself, so too are narcissistic people.

Ignoring the narc, and by this, I mean going NO CONTACT or GREY ROCKING THEM (if no contact is not a viable option) is the absolute best thing to do.

When you stop feeding the beast, they will be forced to starve, and like the parasites they are, they will shrivel up and fade away.

NO CONTACT and ignoring them is the greatest revenge that we can have on them.

We don’t engage with them and live our lives the way we did before we met them.

Step # 2 – Remove Everything They Ever Gave You From Your Life: Detox Time


This step is crucial. You must remove everything that the narc may have ever given you (they may have done this during the love-bombing stage).

Hanging on to their stuff may cause you to think about them positively.

And you have to understand that the person they were when you met was NOTHING MORE THAN A FACADE.

Get rid of anything that reminds you of that false person. They never existed.

Step # 3 – Learn Something New


Placing your attention and focus on something NEW will help you to stop thinking about the narc.

One of the primary reasons why so many of us find it hard to move on and forget the narc is because of the harm they caused us.

And that is why they hurt us. They want us always to remember them.

However, by focusing on something new or something you have always had an interest in, you will discover that your thinking will change.

Note: The link below is an affiliate link that helps out the blog. You don’t need to pay for anything; it is free.

If you want to learn a new skill, then I highly recommend that you give Skillshare a look. With my link, you get two months of free courses to learn whatever you want.

Learning something new is a great way to keep your mind from wandering back into the past.

Step # 4 – Meet New People…BUT TAKE IT SLOW


Meet new people. There are still good people out there. By living as a hermit and allowing the narcissist to make you think that all people are not to be trusted, you give them what they want.

There are still many good people out there. So go out there and try and meet them.

Of course, you will want to take it slow. But it is important to see the good in others so that you don’t wind up becoming cynical.

Step # 5 – Join A Support Group


Lastly, join a support group.

Ignoring and kicking a narc out of your life is, sadly, like kicking a drug.

These people are toxic, and they can make us want to go back to them despite all the negative things they put us through.

Reach out to a support group or a talk to a therapist.

You don’t need to do this alone.

Join my support group here.

Talk to a therapist (this is an affiliate link which helps support the blog) here.

The best revenge is learning all over to BE HAPPY.

8 thoughts on “The 5 Step Process To Ignoring A Narcissist

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I always remind myself of the realities of my marriage. And I agree about living a healthy life. Learning new things and meeting new people. I’ve been going to the gym, and doing a lot of writing lately. As well as exploring zen Buddhism. Which I think is great for healing after a narcissist relationship.

    The problem I have is that after my relationship, I became friends with a female (and it was just friends) who I realised was also a narcissist. Then I got into a 3 month relationship with another narcissist. I ended it when she started showing the signs. Then I had a sort of friendship/relationship with another female who turned out to be a covert narcissist. Then made friends with someone else who turned out to be a narcissist. I’m not kidding!

    I must be a magnet for narcissists. I work in the mental health field and some are diagnosed with NPD. And these people always seem to like me. So as you can imagine, I’m naturally sceptical about meeting new people!

    I also have some friends from way back who are narcissists. But I don’t see too much of them any more.

    One of my parents was a narcissist. And I’m guessing I spent years adapting to make things work with him. And narcissists sense this in me. I’m pretty easy going, which I think they like too.

    So I have been lying a bit low lately. I really don’t want to let another narcissist in right now. So I’m giving myself goals to work to, and keeping busy. I’m finding this makes it easier for me to set better boundaries from the narcissists that are still around. Hopefully it will also help me not “smell” like good supply to them!

    1. Yes, I have read so many stories like this. It does seem like some people are magnets to these people.

      And it is sad that you have to keep crossing their path.

      I do hope you find the group helpful.

      I am working on “something” to help people find legit friends and partners after leaving a narcissistic relationship.

      I do believe that w MUST never give up on finding love with someone and sharing our lives with someone.

      Narcs do not want us to do that. And I am deadset on NEVER giving into their insane demands.

      Never give up my friend. That is when they ultimately win.

    2. i have to agree Jon, i am finding myself in the same boat. Narc. people find me in the crowd.. I would love to know what goals you are setting because i also need to do something to stop this “smell”.

    3. I moved to southern Cali. and I moved out and left him. I don’t know anyone. it’s hard to find someone to keep me company. and I find myself be coming weak. what do I do?

  2. Finding that strength NOW will be the start of you feeling strong because of putting YOUR needs first. DO IT! It will be the best thing you have probably ever done in your life.

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