Take The High Road: Your Future Self Will Thank You

Take The High Road: Your Future Self Will Thank You

Take The High Road: Your Future Self Will Thank You

“Only the honorable people resist the injustices! The rest – the honorless – are afraid of even their own shadows!”― Mehmet Murat ildan

Most people on this earth…ARE COWARDS.

“Whoa,” I hear you say.

You can’t just blanket the entire planet under that term.

And I say.

“Yes! YES, I CAN!”

I make it no secret that I believe the world is full of much more narcissistic, flying monkeys, enablers, sociopaths, and psychopaths, then we are led to believe.

Maybe it’s because I have been reading too much of Thomas Hobbes’s works, but I believe, as I learn more about our species, that many people are just depraved.

Politicians, leaders in charge, sell out the people who put them in power.

Religious figures, who NEVER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the wrongdoings they do, get away with so much wrong. (This goes for ALL RELIGIONS.)

Parents fail to raise their kids adequately. Just get a job, and you’ll be fine.

Get a job like them and be…MISERABLE.

This is a nasty, cowardice, ignorant world.

And believe me…I am not sitting on a high horse here.

If you have survived living with a narc and their legion of fools (i.e., flying monkeys), you know how depraved, irrational, and needlessly cruel people can be.

So, you may be wondering why we must take the high road for a world that is so depraved.

Because if we don’t try and change something, then NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

“The condition of man . . . is a condition of war of everyone against everyone” ― Thomas Hobbes

Take The High Road: Your Future Self Will Thank You

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I know for many people, it can be hard to walk away. We want so much for these people to pay for hurting us. We want them to suffer for making us suffer.

The old “eye for an eye” seems so intoxicating.

And I don’t blame you.

There was a time where I wanted revenge so badly that I would have sold my soul to the devil if I thought I could get revenge on the people who did me wrong.

And this is why I say we must take the higher road.

By giving in to that malice and that hatred, we play into the hands of the narc and their legion of fools.

These people are hellbent on gaming us like them. They want to drag us down into the pit of insanity with them.


Because we will then be like them, we will be equal to them.

They know that no matter how hard they try, they will NEVER get to the level of character that we are.

And that hurts them, especially the covert narcs.

By taking the higher road, you not only muddy and sully yourself by going down to their level…but you also serve as a beacon of hope for others who may have stumbled.

By taking the higher road, we act as a beacon of LIGHT for others who may have fallen deep down in dark times.

Our story of OVERCOMING can be the blueprint for others who, too, are suffering.

This is a nasty world…and it sure as heck needs people of light (empaths and noble people) to lead it to a brighter future.

And you may think that your story could not help someone, but you would be surprised.

Heroes aren’t always flashy.

Most heroes are people who just help to put a smile on a weary and battleworn heart.

Take the higher road and become that person of hope for others around you.

One thought on “Take The High Road: Your Future Self Will Thank You

  1. I agree the world is depraved. Most of my family is narcissistic. But I believe the only way we can be at all decent is through Christ. We are born with sin and only God can remove it and help us to forget self and serve others. I’ve been through 5 rehabs nothing in this world could stop my addictions until my husband and I crawled thru the doors of a tiny church down the road. I didn’t get better magically, in fact I hit my worst bottom after being saved. But I know, without a doubt I am changed, healed and a new creation since my focus has been on Him. My husband was a hard core biker and is now a deacon in a large successful church that gives to all in need no strings attached. In 30 years we have never passed an offering plate yet we are thriving because we are doing God’s will not ours. I see long marriages, love, sacrifice and more quiet volunteers than I’ve ever seen in my 58 years. If the world doesn’t turn to Jesus this virus is just the beginning of what hardship and suffering we will get until we surrender

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