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There Is No Such Thing As Life After Leaving A Narcissist

The narcissists that come into our lives are the Alpha and the Omega. They are the beginning and the end. There is no such thing as life after leaving a narcissist. Because without them…we are nothing and there is nothing. So if you are hoping for a better life (which is a bit perplexing as we all know there is no greater life that one can have then but to be with a narcissist) just stop it.

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So you guys separated for the umpteenth time and you feel like you want to move on. But then all of a sudden you get a text message from them asking, “Hey, how you doin’ ;)”. Now you are questioning if you can really stay separated. Well, if you are thinking about them coming back in your life…Let Your Narcissist Move Right Back In With You.

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