41+ Hilarious Synonym For Narcissist

41+ Hilarious Synonym For Narcissist

41+ Hilarious Synonym For Narcissist

Before we begin, I am curious about what you call the narcissist in your life, or that exited your life.

The “slang for narcissist” that I usually use to describe them is “narc”. Short, simple, and straight to the point.

I am curious what is another word for narcissist that you use!

Sound off below in the comments as I would love to add to my list.

41+ Hilarious Synonym For Narcissist

For many people who are unaware of what narcissists are, they have this misconception that narcissistic people are:

  • Brave
  • Confident
  • Full of self-love
  • Happy
  • Amazing
  • One of a kind
  • and so on

Nothing could be further from the truth. Many narcissistic people are, in fact, the opposite of these qualities.

Despite their “I’m so great” FACADE of a character they put on, these people are timid kidults who NEVER GROW UP.

These are the guys who SEARCH out for girls who have just been dumped. Because in their eyes, these girls are “easy-picking.”

These are the gals who behave like little girls—throwing temper tantrums out in public to get attention.

Now, this list’s objective is NOT to tease the narc but to help you better understand what many of them are.

It is also my intention to help you find words to describe narcissistic people in your life.

If we keep attributing narcissists as people who have overwhelming self-love, we see them for something they aren’t.

And we play into their gaslighting.

Deluded Narcissist: “This false image of me is who I am. ACCEPT IT.”

By taking down their illusion and seeing them for what they are, you will then discover they aren’t anything worth being angry over.

And instead of being angry, you start to laugh at the insanity that they are.

Better to laugh than to mope and conspire against them.

Revenge has never done anyone any good.

Here are 41+ nicknames for narcissists that you start considering calling the Narcissist in your life.

41+ Nicknames For Narcissists

These are 41+ synonym for narcissist compiled in a table format. You can also read the 41+ synonym for narcissist in the list below. 

CowardlyImmatureUnculturedChildishly SelfishSelfish A**holeEmotionally weakIntellectually stagnant
HilariousJokers EvilBeelzebubTime-wasterInsecureScaredy Cat
Attention AddictsThe MenaceUselessUnimportantIrrationalIrresponsibleRash
Stubborn donkeysMule HorseWeasleKidultManchildDelusional Princess
Drama QueensFoolsJerks Marks BuffonsSnakesReptile
SerpentVermin QuittersInsaneStupidIdioticWorthless

What’s Another Word For Narcissist?

clown, creepy, grinning
  1. Cowardly – they smile in your face and attack you in the back
  2. Immature – much like Peter Pan “THEY NEVER GROW UP
  3. Uncultured – they make scenes in public to get attention from people they will never meet again.
  4. Childishly Selfish – “this is mine and this is mone and this is mine.”
  5. Emotionally weak – they will breakdown if someone doesn’t LOOK AT THEM.
  6. Intellectually stagnant – yes, there are some smart narcs out there, but the truth is that there are just a lot of stupid flying monkeys and sheeple in the world. Narcs really aren’t that smart. And for those who can see past their B.S, they get rid of them.
  7. Hilarious – they are a funny breed of people. They do NOTHING extraordinary but believe they deserve extraordinary things. HA!
  8. Evil – I swear these people can give Satan a lesson in how to be wicked.
  9. Time-waster – they do NOTHING productive with the time they have. In the time they have all they do is destroy.
  10. Insecure – these people are some of the most insecure people you will ever come across.
  11. Scared – lashing out is not a sign of courage, in fact, it is a sign that you are scared. Much like animals howl, hiss, and make loud noises to ward off potential threats…so too, will a narc yell and scream when they feel they ate threatened.
  12. Monsters – these people will destroy the lives of KIDS because they know how easily kids can be scared. They are true monsters in the closet.
  13. Attention Addicts – much like any addict, narcs are addicts for attention. They need attention like we need air. This is why going NO CONTACT is the best revenge. It literally kills their ego and sense of worth.
  14. Jealous – these people are the embodiment of jealousy. Which is why they are such ugly souls. Jealousy is an UGLY TRAIT to have.
  15. Envious – jealousy and envy are not the same, yet they are equally ugly traits to have. And narcs, the living embodiments of chaos they are, have both of these ugly traits.
  16. A dime plus a penny a dozen” – what this means is that they are NOTHING SPECIAL and they know this.
  17. Unimportant – most of them NEVER ACHIEVE ANYTHING WORTHWHILE and the world will never know they existed.
  18. Irrational – they can smile one moment and then frown the next moment for NO REASON.
  19. Irresponsible – it’s never their fault. it is always someone else’s fault. The precocious irreprehensible scamps.
  20. Stubborn donkeys (I think you know what I mean) – the moon takes one year to orbit around the earth. The Earth is the center of the galaxy and they are the center of the universe. What sense does this make? Shut up, that’s the sense this makes.
  21. Delusional – “I am so great. I am so great. Despite doing nothing great. I am so great.”
  22. Warped – they believe their own lies and will destroy anyone who tries and show them the truth.
  23. Drunkards – not all, but many narcissistic people are heavy drinkers
  25. UNACCOMPLISHED – they will never accomplish anything worthwhile in life.
  26. Reptiles – these people think solely with their reptilian brain. They are so un-evolved it is not funny!
  27. Snakes – they are NOT TO BE TRUSTED…EVER!!!
  28. Sharks – they will eat their own. This is why going “NO CONTACT” is so important, they will eat each other alive when they don’t have us/you in their worthless lives!
  29. Kidults – they are kids in adult bodies. They have the mindset and psychology of a kid.
  30. Drama Queens – enough said!
  31. Fools – the idea that the world owes you anything just for being born is FOOLISH, yet these clowns believe this to be true!
  32. Un-evolved – these people are unevolved as hell! If not for the flying monkeys, I would have guessed they were the missing link!
  33. Parasites – these people leech off of others! They cannot live by themselves and of themselves.
  34. Cheaters – to them life is not fair, so cheating is the only way to win.
  35. Losers – these people are the walking embodiments of what it is to be a loser!
  36. Sneaky Weasels – this is especially true for the covert narcissistic BETA male.
  37. Disney Deluded Princesses – this is for the entitled female narcissist who believes she is a Disney princess and just deserves everything for being a NOTHING!
  38. Worthless Beings – this is not a knock but a truth..these people need others to validate their worth. Hence is why they do batsh*t insane things!
  39. Quitters – have a logical and mature conversation with them and see them runoff
  40. Insane – this gets tossed around a lot, but these people are legit insane. To think you are great for doing NOTHING!
  41. Irrationals – self-explantory

I am sure some of you have words to describe narcissistic person in your life, feel free to add them below in the comment section, so that I can add them to the list.

Let’s just try and be PG about it, okay? Thanks! 😉

Reframe How You See The Narc and The Pain Starts to Go Away

The 41+ synonym for narcissist that I have listed above and compiled in a table are not meant as a tic for tac.

The synonym for narcissist list is meant to show you what they are and reframe how you see them.

Once you start to reframe the narcissist image that has come stumbling their buffoonery characters into your life, you can begin to let go of that hurt and anger slowly.

Just knowing that they are NOT what they have fooled you into thinking they are, allows you to stop holding a grudge.


Ask yourself.

Would you hold a grudge at a three-year-old who stole your cookie? Or who lied to you about when they have to go to sleep.

The next time you think they are so powerful, or so scary, or so unique, remember the synonym for narcissist list I have compiled to retrain and reframe your mind on how you see them.

Don’t believe their lies; see them for the truth they are.

No Shame In Therapy Sessions

Narcissistic people can do a wonder on someone’s mind and psychology. 

In fact, I wrote an article called “10+ Mental Illnesses Caused By Staying With A Narcissists“.

The narcissists and their legion of fools can slowly drive you insane. And sometimes the best help you can ever receive is from a stranger. 

When everyone around you is trying to convince you that YOU are the bad person, sometimes an objective view of you from someone you don’t know maybe what saves you from drowning in the sea of insanity the narc and their legion of fools try and drown you in. 

Therapy can help heal in ways that reading blogs, listening to videos, and talking with other WARRIORS (we are not survivors, we are warriors) can ever do. 

Join my Facebook Fan Page “No Shame In Therapy” to get a 20% discount on your first-month session, as well as articles and updates on the benefits of therapy.

Narcs have a legion of fools behind them to hurt you, I think it would be a good thing to build your own army of warriors and allies to help stand by your side. 

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