Stop Trying To Convince Others About The Narcissist

Stop Trying To Convince Others About The Narcissist

Stop Trying To Convince Others About The Narcissist

Narcs love seeing us try to explain the “chaos” that is them to other people. Explaining what the narc does/ or did to us to others and having them not care or understand makes a narc feel powerful.

They love the idea that we appear CRAZY in the eyes of others.

This is a huge “get off” to these people.

When a narc does something to you and tries to make you out as the villain or bad guy, DO NOT TRY EXPLAINING YOURSELF.

It gives their fragile little egos a boost.

They start to feel as if they are an authority.

This is what you need to do when the narc tries to drive you crazy.

Stop Trying To Convince Others About The Narcissist

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When the narc tries and drives you crazy, DO NOT TRY TO CONVINCE OTHERS.

Most won’t see it. Others won’t acknowledge it. And others will be apart of the crusade to drive you insane.

So instead of trying to be an ADULT with these kidults, what you need to do is:

Working With A Narc

Have all information emailed to you, texted to you, or written to you. Narcs and their foolish flying monkeys have no qualms about lying. They will tell you you need to have this task done by next week, when in actuality, it may have been needed the next day.

These people are cruel without reason. When working with them, UNDERSTAND that you will NOT reason with them or meet an even ground. These people are like kidults. And couple this with how WILDY JEALOUS they can become all leads to you suffering at a toxic workplace.

Believe me, I know. I have been unjustly fired several times in the past due to narcissistic co-workers and bosses.


Living Next To A Narc

If you have the unfortunate experience of living next to a narc in a complex, make sure that you ALWAYS have your phone on you.

NOT to call the cops, but to record their wild antics if they ever get too wild in their actions.

Living With A Narc

This is perhaps one of the hardest scenarios to deal with. But if you are living with a narc, you don’t need me telling you how batsh*t insane they are.

The only options that you have are Ghosting/ No Contact or Grey Rocking.

Now, I know many people will say, “BUT I HAVE KIDS WITH THEM.”

Okay, and I understand.

This is why you need to learn Grey Rocking.

Become so massively boring and emotionless around them that they will get bored with you.

These people are like parasites and vampires. They need energy, and a host to survive on. And your anger, frustration, resentment, depression, and addiction to drugs is the fuel they need to keep on moving.

These people are such turds.

It would help if you learned how to detach yourself from these people.

Is it easy?


But you have to try at LEAST.

Not trying anything new will keep you in their clutches.

Now, if you do not have kids, then NO CONTACT IS THE OPTION TO CHOOSE and couple this with ghosting the heck out of them.

Staying will not change a D*MN thing.

So move on with your ONE life and be defiantly as happy as possible.

You live a happy life will send these nutjobs into a maelstrom of insanity.

The Onlookers Will Not Care

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People will see wrongs happening and not do a D*MN thing to stop it. So trying to convince them you are the victim will prove WORTHLESS.

Instead of trying to get people to understand you, try to learn how you can get out of this situation.

Will it be easy?


But it is most certainly worth it.

Need Support?

If you need support, feel free to subscribe above to my Private Facebook Group.

And remember, that a support group is NO ALTERNATIVE to professional help.

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3 thoughts on “Stop Trying To Convince Others About The Narcissist

  1. Advice taken, processed, personally AGREE, and ready to start the process with an open but realistic heart… open to ME. To CHANGE. To RELEASE myself from the clutches of my narc. And it’s true, if you haven’t experienced a TRUE NARC in your life, even a loving outsider who hasn’t experienced this, can’t really really understand, even if they WANT to…
    But this shouldn’t hold us back from change and ultimately, HEALING.
    Thank you for your insight and knowledgeable words, words to take away with us, words to put into motion.

  2. Been with a Narcy for 20 years, have children…
    It took me police charges, law suits, social workers, but the last was cort order for him to move out of appartment. He in fluenced and brainwashed my boys.
    But the victory is mine! Finally free.
    I did my 5 years of emailing everything, recording, avoiding conflict, grey rocking, being vague-elusive, hiding my privat…all to survive.
    Have in mind – this is a cold war-to get rid of a parasite who thrives on your unhappines, lonelines, unsecurities, selfblame, draining u emotinaly, finantialy, making u look and feel insain…
    Yeah bystanders wont help, or understand, if at least they will hear you speak of it-its great.
    Patologican narcisisem is a true plague, leaving only misery and scars. It should be more recognised and admited in the world.
    To all victims-fight in anyway possible, evene if you have to cheat, steal or lie, or temporaly ally with others, or use subtances to survive:)

    1. Full on warrior mode. I’d do my best to leave those substances alone. I know because that’s where I turned for relief. It’s not just the addiction part (though that was another hell altogether.) Its the fact that drugs and alcohol dulled me and gave me temporary relief. I no longer had the keen mind to see the games he was playing so I stayed and stayed AND stayed. I only speak for me but I had to kick the dope and with a clear head stand up tall and say no more. Everyone has a hidden room filled with demons. In order to break free from what holds you back, what terrorises you, what threatens your sanity and your very have to go through that room. Can’t go around it, fly over it, dig a tunnel under it. Nope you gotta go through that room. You can crawl through, run through, scream your way through but you gotta go through.
      What waits on the other end of that room? Well first off you can watch that room burn. For me it wasn’t all at once but a slow burn. But little by little I found out who I am, what is important to ME, what things in my life were detrimental to me and what I needed to embrace.
      You probably know exactly what I am talking about if you already ousted the person at the center of your rod(room of demons)
      Prayer was said for you and your boys.
      Peace out!

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