Stop Trying To Be The Good “Friend” To The Narcissist

Stop Trying To Be The Good “Friend” To The Narcissist

It is not your job to fix the narcissist’s MADE UP problems. It is not your job to be their parent, their guardian, their role model, their hero (as if you could).

You are not responsible for regulating their emotions. You are not responsible for what happened to them in the past, as you weren’t even there.

It is not your job to be their therapist. To be their punching bag. Or even to be their friend.

Because if you didn’t know…


And by trying to be that “Good Friend,” you only waste time, energy, and life for a person who has NO DESIRE to return the favor.

So, for the love of your life, stop trying to be the “Good Friend” to the narcissist because they will NEVER APPRECIATE WHAT YOU DO.

Stop Trying To Be The Good “Friend” To The Narcissist

I know as an empath, you feel the need to try and work on your friendship with the narcissist.

In your heart and understanding, you feel that if you just “show them” what it is to be empathetic that they will get it.

In your mind, you believe that if you show them how much you are willing to sacrifice for them that they will do the same.

But this is not true.

The narcissist does not understand what friendship is.

People are not individual entities.

To a narc, people are just items and supplies.

Hence the terminology, “narcissistic supply.

You will never be a person who has feelings to them; you are just a person who is there to make their lives better.

But What About Their Flying Monkeys?

The flying monkeys in the narcissist’s life are NOT their friends. When things get terrible, and the narc may have to get punished, they will sell their flying monkey out in a heartbeat, so that they won’t get in trouble.

Narcissists do not know how to cultivate friendships.

To them, it is a dog eat dog world out there, and they have to protect themselves.

I have seen so many of these people throw each other under the bus in a heartbeat.


Cut Ties With That Narcissistic “Friendship”

Listen, it is not your job to save a person from a prison they have placed themselves in.

Let me repeat that!

It is not your job to save a person from a prison they have placed themselves in. Click To Tweet

Narcissists love drama. They feed on attention and chaos. Whatever you do will never be enough because, with these people, they need constant stimulus.

And the type of stimulus they need is chaotic.

Look at the signs:

Do they call you when they NEED something?

Have they ever gotten you a gift thanking you for just being YOU (Real friends will do this)?

Have they been there when you needed help or did they shun you off?

Do they call you, or do you always have to call first?

Look at the signs.

Do not ignore the red flags.

These people will drain you dry and then move on to the next person and make you out as a bad person.

They just don’t care (The Narcissist’s Love Letter).

So for the love of YOURSELF.

Stop Trying To Be The Good “Friend” To The Narcissist

Need Support?

Do you need support after leaving your narcissistic relationship?

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Believe me; you are NOT alone.

Also, a support group is NO ALTERNATIVE to professional help.

If you would like to speak with a therapist, feel free to at Online-Therapy (this is an affiliate link).

You don’t have to struggle alone.


I call myself the Rational Humorist. Narcs to me are cancer to humanity. The only way to beat cancer is to fight back against it.

The best way to defeat a narc is to see them as the jokes they are.

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