How To Deal With Stoopid People: Yes! I See The Spelling

How To Deal With Stoopid People: Yes! I See The Spelling

How To Deal With Stoopid People

If there ever was a question that SORELY needed an answer, it is this. How to deal with stupid people? Stupid people are (explicit) legion. And the worse thing about these people is that they are so (explicit) unaware of how stupid they are.

Now, I don’t count myself as the next Elon Musk, Einstein, or Neil Degrasse Tyson. But I think intelligent people don’t feel a need to compare themselves with others.

(And no I am not comparing stupid people with rationals. I am writing an objective article to help people understand how to DEAL with stupid people.)

They do, however, like to compare ideas and get a new perspective.

Something to which many people seem to NOT understand in life.

Stupid people are some of the most easily angered people you will come across.

Ask them a question and they look at you like you insulted them. Enter their peripheral and don’t look at them and they think you are ignoring them.

Live your life and be happy and successful and they think you have stolen all of the happiness and success in the world.

As if happiness and success can be quantified.


Stupid people, as Patrick Starr once said: “are blissfully unaware of how stupid they really are.”

And this is easily the cause of so many unnecessary attacks, violence, divisiveness, and injustice.

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Stoopid People Applaud Narcissistic Behavior

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Narcissists are in every sense of the word stupid. And that is not a polemical statement but rather a truth. The idea that you can be the center of the universe, that everyone you come into contact with should think highly of you, and that you are NEVER wrong… is superlatively stupid.

Stupid people most often times end up being the narcissistic people’s flying monkeys.

Feel free to read my article “Flying Monkeys have No Minds Of Their Own“.

They love chaos. They enjoy arguments. And most of all they love to see people looking…”stupid”.

They do nothing of importance and then dare lash out at someone for trying to make important changes.

They are so silly that they cannot even distinguish between fiction and reality.

Look at how people Oggle Movie Stars.

They believe the actors/ and actresses, who play FICTIONAL CHARACTER in MOVIES, should be that person in reality.



Case in point.

Let’s look at the young actress, Lexi Rabe, who played Iron Man’s daughter in Endgame.

She is a seven-year-old girl who is being bullied and harassed for not taking photos with fans.

People are bullying a 7-YEAR-OLD GIRL for not having the TIME to take photos with her fans.

Do they really think she is old enough or has the time to understand that she needs to take photos with EVERY (explicit) person she comes into contact with?

The answer is that they do.

Because they are so short-sided.

My Tactic In Handling Stoopid People

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This is a much-needed question. You cannot reason with stupid people. Simply asking a question…ASKING A (explicit) QUESTION sends these lesser minds into a state of defense.

I would say smile and nod but that only verifies to them that what they think is right.

I would say to isolate yourself but damn if stupidity doesn’t know how to crawl its way from out of anywhere. It spawns like roaches.

The best way that I have learned how to deal with stupid people is to simply…ACCEPT THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE.

Learn To Tolerate The Stupidity of Others: Stoopid People

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A dog will bark when it feels threatened. A cat will hiss when it is cornered. And a stupid person will lash out for…um….well, anything.

In accepting that there are just stupid people, and measuring your expectations when dealing with the world, you can better prepare yourself for any stupid encounter.

And believe me, there are more stupid people in the world then there are rationals.

Accepting that the person you will come into contact with will be a stupid individual who will better prepare you for that interaction.

Know that they may blow up FOR NO REASON. Know that they will be irrational but think they are brilliant. And just know that anything you say that is reasonable and rational will be an attack against them.

By accepting them for what they are you better immunize yourself from this most toxic disease; stupidity.

To converse with them will be a form of an argument. And when you are in a crowd with one know they will scream and shout. And to the on-lookers, they will say and think “man that person who is screaming is so compelling in their irrational jargon.”

The only way that I have learned to deal with stupid people is simply by accepting and tolerating that they exist.

I hate winter times. I loathe it with a passion. But just knowing that winter will come and that I CANNOT CHANGE IT, I can get my clothes, house, car and my life prepared for the worst time of the season (IMO).

This may not be the answer you were hoping for but trust me trying to change them, much like the narcissist will drive you…INSANE.


5 thoughts on “How To Deal With Stoopid People: Yes! I See The Spelling

    1. I’ve always found the key trait in stupid minds and even Evil Minds is closed-mindedness. Not disagreeableness, closed mindedness. It’s the absolute refusal to broaden ones intelligence by trying to UNDERSTAND something in any other way. Egopaths dumb down people by punishing anyone trying to understand differently from “because Egopath said so and is always right! .. They said so!”

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