Stay Focused On Your Self Improvement

Stay Focused On Your Self Improvement

Stay Focused On Your Self Improvement

I know how challenging it can be to move forward after leaving a narcissist. They leave such a nasty taste on our psyche that the thought of living a good and happy life seems unattainable.

The thoughts of all the negative things they have done make it hard for us to move on.

We think to ourselves, “HOW DARE THEY TREAT ME LIKE THIS.”

We think over and over all the negative things they did behind our back but smiled in our face.

Making us out to be fools.

It hurts.

It can be very frustrating.

And it can make us STAGNANT in life.

Narcissists, as I have said so much in many of my articles, are like parasites.

However, we MUST be stronger than them.

Understand they NEED US in their lives.


It can be hard getting your life back on track.



Stay Focused On Your Self Improvement

Be focused on your life.

Remain focused on improving yourself.

And stay focused on making your life WHAT YOU WANT TO BE.

Now, I know this is easier said than done.

But you have to understand this.

Narcs are people who have given up on life. They are people who know that they can NEVER be anything more than what they are.

This is why they sought us out.

They see and saw something amazing in us. And because these people are cowards when they get in a relationship with us, they want to destroy us.

They want to denigrate us. And they want to devalue us.


Because if they can take away our worth, then we will never find others who will know our worth.

But when we can pull ourselves away from them, clean ourselves off, polish ourselves off, we will then be able to shine once again like the brilliant diamonds we are.

Focus on your health, your happiness, and your dreams.

Because when you do that, you will effectively defeat the narc and also be able to wake up with a smile on your face.

Focus your time and energy on yourself and NOT on the loser narcissist.

Because they want your focus and attention.

Remember, “losers focus on winners. And Winners focus on winning.”


Stay focused on you.

2 thoughts on “Stay Focused On Your Self Improvement

  1. Totally agree. Narcissist like to act like you need them. When the reality is they need you. Focusing on them and their negativity is just a waste of valuable energy!

    1. 1000% agree!

      Yes, it is.

      I keep thinking of the time and how we DO NOT KNOW WHEN WE WILL DIE.

      Why focus our attention and time on these people?

      We get one shot at life. I’m not wasting it on negative people anymore.


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