Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

Don’t Try Loving A Narcissist

So, you can spend the rest of your life trying to please a narcissist, but in my experience, it was the biggest regret of my life.

I wasted eleven precious years of my life, loving a person unconditionally, who was incapable of even being a decent human being.

I hope you take the advice of others and step away from the situation.

Get your mind clear, educate yourself and get help. It’s a horrible existence. And if I can just keep one person from wasting their life and years, then writing my story is worth it.

I’m free now and I am learning to love me again and I’m truly happy…I have a wonderful life. I’m alone, but I’m not in pain anymore.

I found happiness in myself, my family, my truest dearest friends, and God. The process is still ongoing every day.

After 11 years, it took over 2 years to stop crying, asking why and wondering what I did so wrong?

What did I do to deserve being treated so disrespectfully?

Then I stumbled onto an article about narcissism.

I realized that it wasn’t all me, not 100%. I took some responsibility for allowing the mistreatment, about 40%, but the other 60% was in no way my fault. That was what freed me, liberated me and allowed me to look at life differently.

I didn’t have a terminal illness. I didn’t have a serious accident or injury, that left me incapable of doing the things in life I love.

What I had was a relationship with a narcissist. That couldn’t be cured. That couldn’t be fixed.

So…when he terminated the relationship…

I accepted that it was over.

I slowly, painfully, moved on one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

After two years, I’m lonely at times, still single and scared to date because I still have moments of being scared to death of dating another narcissist.

But…I am at peace.

I can laugh again.

I’m starting to see the value in myself again. I hope to one day be whole again.

That’s how I did it. Letting go of what was and focus on what is to be.

Whatever that might be. All I can say is that being alone is much better than living a lie and living in constant confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, and pain.

Good luck to you and God bless. It does get better.

Do You Have a Story To Tell?

If you have a story to tell then reach out to me at laughingatnarcs.

Your story could be all that someone else needs to move on.

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