Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

Love Isn’t Always The Answer

Every 6-8 months it was a new woman. A co-worker, neighbor, prostitute, someone he worked with, someone he met online, in a bar, someone he met at the gym, or on the city bus.

He wasn’t selective.

I would let him know that I wasn’t happy about it, cry. Ask why, and then quickly sweep it under the rug so he wasn’t inconvenienced by my emotions.

He was never available to me emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually.

One small example was the day I had a tonsillectomy, (which as an adult is excruciatingly painful). He was having dinner and sex with a co-worker while I was home alone; post-surgery.

A couple of days before surgery I had to go to the ER. He had dropped me off and borrowed my car to go out drinking with his friends or so he said. He was probably with his coworker that day too, for all I know. Heaven forbid he stay with me while I was in the hospital. I was his girlfriend and my family wasn’t speaking to me at that time because of him, so he was all I had. But he was not available for me.

Anyway, he was supposed to pick me up when I was discharged. When I couldn’t reach him by text or phone, I walked (5 miles) home from the hospital, sick as a dog. He didn’t come home that night, when he did come back the next day, I didn’t confront him, I was too sick. I just cried myself to sleep and swept it under the rug, so he wasn’t uncomfortable or inconvenienced with my illness.

He never apologized or showed any sign that he had done anything wrong. I presume he felt it was all my fault for getting sick, so I deserved it.

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