How To Spot These 7 Signs Of A Narcissistic Woman & How To Avoid Her

How To Spot These 7 Signs Of A Narcissistic Woman & How To Avoid Her

In this article, I will be going over the 7 Signs Of A Narcissistic Woman that you should be on the lookout for. Once they sink their clutches into you, it can be challenging moving on and let go.

This is a direct follow-up to a previous article I did title “15 Signs Of A Narcissistic Male“.

Narcissistic males and females are some of the worse people to be around. There is no reason for them. There is no logic with them. And there is rarely, if ever, any reconciliation with them.

They seem to thrive off this idea of keeping a wound open; I guess so that that pain will never stop!

If you have noticed any of these signs with a male narcissist, you should consider leaving, as they will only destroy your life.

And this is especially true with the narcissistic female.

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Narcissists work day in and day out to try and destroy someone, so they (the victim) will always ruminate about them.

Being thought about, being hated, and being the bane of other existence brings these people joy!

By going no contact, you can free yourself from their clutches, and the only person they will have to destroy…is themselves.

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Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a mental disorder that is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, a need for excessive attention and admiration, and a lack of empathy for others.

People with NPD often have a grandiose view of themselves and believe they are superior to others. They may try to control or take advantage of others and quickly anger or become defensive when criticism is directed at them.

While many people with NPD may appear successful and self-confident, they often feel insecure and vulnerable. They may experience periods of depression, anxiety, or irritability when they don’t receive the positive attention they think they deserve.

People with NPD often have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships because their need for attention and admiration can be overwhelming.

The Female Narcissist

Narcissism is often associated with men, but women can be narcissists too. Female narcissists are often more covert than their male counterparts.

They may be less likely to boast about their achievements and skills openly, but they still need constant validation and admiration.

Female narcissists may be more likely to manipulate others emotionally instead of physically. They may use their relationships to control and manipulate those around them.

Female narcissists may also be more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than male narcissists.

Common Traits Of Narcissists

  • self absorbed
  • passive aggressive behaviors
  • exaggerated sense of importance
  • slightest criticism sends them into a maelstrom of insanity
  • self centered
  • speaking negatively of people all the time
  • low self esteem
  • addictive personalities
  • high self esteem (grandiose narcissism)
  • false image
  • obsessed with social media
  • give you the cold shoulder when you say “no” to them
  • feel superior without ever doing anything worthwhile

How To Spot These 7 Narcissistic Traits Of Female Narcissists & How To Avoid Her

(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Watch out boy
She’ll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
She’s a maneater

Hall & Oats – Maneater ~ Signs Of A Narcissistic Woman

# 1 – Every Conversation Revolves Around Her ~ Signs Of A Narcissistic Woman

Yahoo Free Images - 7 Signs Of A Narcissistic Woman

Much like narcissistic male, narc females love to talk about themselves.

They love to compare themselves with other females. To them, they are the pillar of perfection.

Narcissistic women who are attractive will also be incredibly cruel and irrational to other females around them.

To the point that many of their actions seem very childish (they can behave like kidults).

Their beauty is what strength is to men!

# 2 – She Constantly Cancels Plans

Free Yahoo Images - 	covert narcissist woman

Hey, sometimes plans change. And I am not arguing against that. Sometimes life gets in the way, and it is very little we can do about that.

But with narcissistic females, plans change ALL THE TIME. You can schedule a nice and fancy night out at a restaurant, and she will cancel on you at the last moment.

And to her…it’s no biggie.

It is not a big deal to her because your emotions do not really matter.

You should be happy to have her in your life.

Because any guy would be happy to have her.

This is their train of thought.

# 3 – Telling Her “No” Sends Her Into A Fury

Yahoo Images - narcissistic woman in relationship

If your chick dives into a maelstrom of insanity because you said “NO” to her, you are dealing with a narcissist or with a mentally ill person.

People who cannot deal with hearing the word “No” are emotionally unstable and mentally childish.

Being told “no” to a normal person isn’t an attack or death sentence. But to a narcissistic person, that is an attack against them.

Narcissistic women (and people in general) are immature kidults; they expect the world to bend to their beck and call!

# 4 – She Flirts With People She Doesn’t Like ~ Telltale Signs Of A Narcissistic Female

“I can’t stand this person.”

(Five Seconds Later.)

“Hey, so-n-so. You are looking SOOOO GOOD.”

This comic strip best illustrates this mindset.

# 5 – She Talks Bad About Everyone To Boost Her Self Esteem

Yahoo Images - what are the signs of a covert narcissist

This is a hallmark trait of narcissistic people in general but is very prominent in feminine psychology.

She always has something negative to say about people. Nothing is ever good with her. She can take compliments but never give them out.

# 6 – She Never Accepts Blame

Yahoo Images - narcissistic female behavior

It is never her fault. It is always someone else’s fault.

Enough said.

# 7 – Her Phone Is Full Of Selfies ~ Signs Of A Narcissistic Woman

Yahoo Images - what are the signs of a covert narcissist


Her phone will be packed full of selfie images. Screw having you n her phone.

It’s all about her; if you didn’t know.

Familiarize Yourself With These Signs

Understand that narcissistic women and men are becoming the norm in society. In understanding the many signs to look out for, you can better defend and protect yourself from these people.

There is NO compromising with these people or reconciling with them. The best thing to ALWAYS DO is to go NO CONTACT.

That is the best revenge you can ever have against them…coupled with living a happy and successful life.

How Do You Defeat These People?

The best way to handle these people/ or to beat these people is to simply…WALK AWAY!

It is important to know that these people are energy vampires. They feed off of others’ energy!

Give them NOTHING to feed on!

5 Ways On How to Deal With Narcissistic Behavior Women

NoteGaslighting is a favorite tactic narcissists use on their victims. Download my FREE eBook “Am I Being Gaslit” to understand their sneaky tactics better.

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  1. Excellent articles you write, very informative. I moved in an apartment complex and have encountered this kind of personality alot. Needless to say it was time to get on the internet and reread the books I already purchased about narcissism and dysfunctional people. I will share your website for others to learn from. Kudos to you.

    1. Hello Barbara,

      Thank you so very much for this. It is much appreciated. Narcissistic people are everywhere. The more we know the less they can do.

  2. There is more to the story as to why I believe she is a Narrciss but I can’t write a book on here but when she wanted me to by something from her and I said I really don’t need it, she would bring it to my home and place it where she wanted and her husband said if she don’t want it she don’t want it,and rolled his eyes. He knew how she was

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