Refuse To Give Up On Yourself

Refuse To Give Up On Yourself

Refuse To Give Up On Yourself

Life does not have to end after a break up with a narc. In fact, your new life can begin. Much like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, so too can you arise, renewed and better because of the ordeal.

The chaos and drama you went through were horrifying. Staying and living with a narc can do so much harm to not only our emotional health but our mental health.

It is well-known that staying with a narcissist can cause long-term brain damage.

No matter what they may do after you leave them — the smear campaigns, the gossiping, the rumors, sending their flying monkeys to stalk you — it is MUCH better than actually staying with them.

You may feel, at this moment, worthless, as they do everything in their power to devalue you as much as they can.

But know this…if you have been damaged and are still keeping on, that shows you have so much power and strength of character.

If you feel like just giving up on yourself…STOP.

Because there is more that is in you that needs to come out.


Refuse To Give Up On Yourself

Refuse to EVER give up on yourself.


Because this is the ultimate act of vengeance and defiance towards the narc.

What it shows them is that they are not as powerful as they think they are.

By you accepting the discard and moving forward with your life and becoming WHAT THEY DIDN’T WANT YOU TO BECOME…you show them how little bit of power they have over you.

By not giving up on yourself you laugh at how though they did and try to do as MUCH as they can in destroying your life, you are so far removed from them, that their actions are all for naught.

Refusing to give up on yourself is the stake in their small cold dark hearts, that truly vanquish them like the energy vampires they are.

By just living a happy, successful, and uplifting life shed light on these energy vampires. And once you get your “glow” back, it will destroy these people.

If you give in…by giving up on yourself, you show the narc that they can destroy a life.

You show them that they have so much power over how you feel and think about yourself.

It shows the narc that they MATTER.

You Are More Powerful Than You Realize

If you are still standing AFTER all the BS the narc and their legion of flying monkeys put you through (because we know that they don’t know how to fight alone) that shos there is power in you.

Don’t let them win by making you feel worthless.

Don’t let them win by falling into the cold dark abyss of depression.

And don’t let them win by giving up on yourself.

As Frank Sinatra once said, “the best revenge is massive success.”

Prove to them all, that despite ALL THEIR EFFORTS you are stronger than them by simply refusing to give up on yourself.

Need Support?

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