Red Flags: I Regret Overlooking Them But Also Am Glad I Did

Red Flags: I Regret Overlooking Them But Also Am Glad I Did

I regret ignoring the red flags with my ex-narc, and for a while, I felt like an idiot. I felt like an idiot because I saw the signs; I heard the rumors. And I felt the…lies.

But yet…I stayed!

The revelatory, yet blatant, truth was both a liberating experience — as well as a crushing experience. 

The liberation freed me from the malignant toxic narcissist’s environment and away from their clutches. But at the same time, it crushed my sense of intelligence.

I beat myself up, saying: 

“I should have seen it.”

“Why did I stay when I saw the signs.”

“I should have known…better.”

“I deserve that for being SO STUPID.”

I beat myself up a GREAT DEAL. But none of these statements were fair or accurate.

I was in love…and there is nothing wrong with being in love with someone. That is what it is to be…human.

Sadly, the Narcissists will NEVER love.

There is nothing wrong with giving our heart to someone. And there is nothing wrong with making a “mustake” (I will explain this soon).

Life Is A Constant Lesson

Life is a constant lesson to which we must always see the experience or lesson. Click To Tweet

So if you are regretting the time that you spent with your ex-narc, learn to see it as a lesson. And I know that this may sound hard. I know that it may come off as a pipe dream, especially after all the pain that they have put us through.

But in learning to see the “lesson,” and learning to laugh at the experience we went through, it will make who we are that much better.

Diamonds, which we are, are made under pressure. And the time that we spent with the narc was creating us to become something FAR FAR MORE VALUABLE than they could ever imagine.

The Narc Was A “Mustake”

Red Flags

A “mustake” is a mistake that must have had happened to teach us a valuable lesson. 

A lesson that would help us become our most excellent versions. 

The anger that we feel when we look back at the narcissist, and what they did and took from us is justifiable anger. But in seeing only that experience as a time of pain instead of a lesson — we hurt ourselves even more.

By holding on to that hate (and I am not saying you have to love them), we are only hurting ourselves day after day with the past.

The greatest revenge that we can ever have on the Narc is by living and being happy. By becoming successful in life, we will completely demolish the Narc’s ego.

Because in the Narc’s mind the idea that they can destroy a life gives them pleasure. When we walk away and live our lives happy and do so without them, that kills them inside.

It reveals to them how little control, if any; they have on us.

Stop Regretting You Ignored The Red Flags

I regret ignoring the red flags with my ex-narc, and that only made my life WORSE after being in no contact with them. Once I started to accept that they were nothing more than a “mustake,” lessons for me to learn from, life became so much better.

I became wiser, more confident, and much more prepared for future relationships.

I know it will not be easy, but learn to be less hard on yourself. Because all you did was love.

And to love is what it is to be human. Click To Tweet

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And lastly, learn how to smile and laugh again.

Because laughter does the SOUL good.

2 thoughts on “Red Flags: I Regret Overlooking Them But Also Am Glad I Did

  1. To the writer:These are some of the best articles i have read on narcissism, and i have as you experienced quite abit of it because of familymembers and an ex girlfriend. I have decided to walk away from and gone contact and cut away negative people in general too, and it makes a world of difference, that and becoming yourself again and see the truth and what it really was and why. I can spot it much faster than before and the red flags, and i certainly saw them even more clearly when i woke up to what is was, i went many years not knowing why before i came upon an article on line on narcissism and everything fit. I finally had the missing piece in the puzzle. Thank you for the article and your contribution in getting it out there, because it is needed and can help many people, when i read about it, it was a aha moment. I have set myself and my well being and happiness first for a , it is good to help and share but not to your own detriment, that has made a world off difference. I have learnt valuable lessons from it, trust your gut feeling, always, and stay away from negative persons and last but not least setting boundaries and saying the magic word no.Healing takes time, but i am finally free and have had more peac and quiet then i have had for years, and free to live how i want without walking on eggshells. Will donate a little in a while when i can, to support 🙂 Best regards.

    1. Hello Lotus,

      I am so honored my articles are helping you out. And I am happy that you have gone NO CONTACT with the narcs that have come into your life.

      I look forward to nay contribution articles you may have.

      Writing can be very therapeutic.

      Wishing you all the best 🙂

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