Prove Them Wrong: Become Everything They Tried To Keep You From Becoming

Prove Them Wrong: Become Everything They Tried To Keep You From Becoming

Prove Them Wrong: Become Everything They Tried To Keep You From Becoming

“No matter how many people try to criticize you, the best revenge is to prove them wrong.”

I have failed time and time and time again. I have fallen into the traps of many narcs, lowlives, and insecure losers who hated me for DARING to dream.

Many people in life have no dreams. They have no goals. They have no visions of a self that COULD be someone amazing.

This is precisely why many people set out to stop people from reaching their goals. This is why so many people set out to “k*ll” dreams. And this is why so many people live vicariously through other people.

The people who do these things are losers.

They cannot achieve great things, and they will stop as many people that come across their peripheral vision not to accomplish achievements as well.

In their scarcity, insecure minds, “if I can’t do it…I DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO.

Or they may want certain people to achieve, and as the parasites they are, will live through them.

These are lowlife losers who monitor the life of successful people and let their own lives go to heck.


The negative attention they give you to make you doubt yourself, hate yourself, and GIVE UP ON YOURSELF should not be a means to make you quit.

Instead, this should serve as a means to inspire you.

Remember, these narcs try and destroy that which is great because they cannot become great.

Don’t be angered by it…be flattered by it.

Here’s why.

Prove Them Wrong: Become Everything They Tried To Keep You From Becoming

Prove Them Wrong

Other people’s success to a narc is PAIN to them. It reveals to the narc and reminds the narc that…THEY ARE NOTHING SPECIAL.

The hatred they have towards you is not because YOU did something wrong, but because you are so right in who you are.

What do I mean by this?

It means that you know who you are! You know what you want in life. You have a goal, dreams, and aspiration.

To a void-less creature that will never to SHINE as you do/ we do…this is a nightmare.

For people who are FORCED, through nothing more but just being themselves, seeing others live a dream is H*LL!

So, yes, narcs will do everything they can to make you question and doubt yourself. They will try and gaslight you to make you wonder, “Can I do this?”

Instead of focusing on trying to get revenge on them and to get back at them, try becoming everything they tried to keep you from becoming.

Pursue being your boss. Work on that project that you have a passion for. Go out and travel and rediscover who you are all over again.

Become EVERYTHING and MORE that they said you would never be.

These people, and you must reassess the way you look at them, are not here to stop you from reaching your goals.


They are here to detour you on a better path that will make you stronger, smarter, wiser, and better.

Imagine this…

Your Path

Prove Them Wrong

Your path is a long, tough road.

NO ONE BUT YOU has taken this path.

You walk and trek the path alone.

You have reached miles.

Come further than anyone else would have dared to venture.

Adjacent to your path is a ditch full of trolls who laugh at you for walking alone.

“What a loser to be by themselves. You should COME DOWN HERE WITH US!

You keep walking.

And they keep following you…from below!

They tease and mock you. Throw stuff at you. They try and get your attention.

They try and make you think the path you are walking is only for fools to walk.

“We are all happy down here? Why don’t you give up walking your path? Don’t your feet hurt? Don’t you see that your goals are nowhere in sight? Why are you walking alone? Your goals are not even in sight!”

They mock and tease.

But you stay focused.

The trolls get angry, and some climb on each other’s backs to get to your level.

(The trolls are used to being stepped on and USED by each other.)

Not to walk the path…but to stop you.

All of a sudden, you meet a stop sign that says, “You Cannot Pass.”

The trolls all look and laugh, “We were able to stop them. See! SEE! They aren’t so great?

Instead of stopping and falling into the pit of pity with them. You look around.

You don’t give up MOVING FORWARD.

So what do you do?

You climb up a hill.

Climbing up this hill, you see things you otherwise wouldn’t have seen had you stayed on that lowly road.

Now with GREATER VISION and a better visual of your environment, you see your goal off on the horizon.


Prove Them Wrong

Nothing makes a narc loser happier than but to stop a GREAT person from reaching their dreams.

To them, if they can take from you THINGS THEY WILL NEVER HAVE OR BE ABLE TO ACQUIRE, they have succeeded.

Understand that your success is poison to them. Your happiness is holy water. And you “realizing” your worth devalues them at a MAXIMUM level.

These losers are HELLBENT ON KEEPING US FROM KNOWING OUR WORTH. (Read my “Why Narcs Devalue You“)

No matter what you do…DO NOT EVER GIVE UP ON YOU.

They may have made life more challenging (rephrase what they did…it does wonders) for you, but you are great.

This is why they attack you.

You will find a way to overcome it.


Become everything they tried to get you from becoming and MORE!!!!!!!

“The more people tell you it’s not possible, that it can’t be done, the more you should be absolutely determined to prove them wrong. Treat the word “impossible” as nothing more than motivation.”
― Donald Trump

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