Pain Is Necessary: Reframing Your Past With The Narcissist

Pain Is Necessary: Reframing Your Past With The Narcissist

Pain is necessary. For those of us who have been hurt by narcissists, this is the last thing we want to hear. Believe me, I know.

This statement is anathema too many. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that pain is necessary in life for us to grow stronger, wiser and better.

Now, before you click off angrily, or before you get ready to type out below “I WAS STRONG ALREADY“, let me posit this question to you.

If you were strong then, why aren’t you NOW?


You say because “they took my strength from me”?

I ask this, “how can a paper tiger take from a mighty lion?”

You say because “they infected me with their negativity.”

I ask, “if you were strong enough and good enough how could any negativity influence you?”

You say…you say…you say…

Hmm…no more reasons?


Pain does not make you weak. It shows you your weakness so that you can improve upon that.

Think about it this way, if you never learned about:

You would have lived the rest of your life still falling prey to the MASSES of these creatures out there.

To see them as taking your strength and power and making you weak ONLY MAKES THEM HAPPY.

Pain does not make you weak, it only shows you your weakness; so that you can STRENGTHEN THAT WEAKNESS.

Pain Strengthens You…It Does Not Weaken You

Pain Is Necessary

Steel can only be forged through fire.

Diamonds can only be formed under pressure.


You have to learn how to reframe your past.

The narcissist did cause a lot of pain.

But you must learn to see that time with them as training.

To feel like a victim after leaving them, only makes them happy.

But to BECOME A HERO…someone stronger, wiser and better BECAUSE of being with them, only destroy them. And it will only help you inspire people.

The best of us in life are those who appreciate the pains in life. And those of us who suffer for the rest of our lives are those who just never appreciated the lesson that pain was trying to show them.

Stay strong warriors and embrace the pain.

Reframe your past.

And take your life back in your hands.

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